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MultiSearch MultiSearch v1.0.1

All your favorite search engines in a single application !

CheckBalance CheckBalance v2.3

CheckBalance is a simple app that allows you to store your carrier service numbers more used(web traffic, calls, etc). The USSD number to check the balance is already stored by default. You can add more USSD numbers using the settings screen.

You can add a quick view app shortcut to your home!

You can always send me your feedback to improve the app.


Yes or No? Yes or No? v1.1

Need to flip a coin? Enjoy a quick race to the final decision!

Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) v1.0.2


Organize your home screens using your computer!

1. Launch - the desktop component
2. Load – home screens from your device
3. Organize – using drag and drop on your computer (add apps too!)
4. Apply – the changes you’ve made to your device. (FULL version only)
5. Enjoy!

Feedback wanted - details @

Note that this is a trial version that cannot apply changes to your device. Full version coming very soon.

deciBel deciBel v0.8.3

deciBel is a simple sound level meter for Android

decision-maker decision-maker v0.5

decision-make is an app that can make some decisions. :)

APN OnOff APN OnOff v1.0

Switcher for toggling mobile Internet connection

Tick! Tick! v1.3

Tick! is a simple timer in minutes with a quick set interface.

When you need to launch quickly a remainder, think Tick!, your new best friend for cooking pastas !

• NEW: Pause mode with long click on the button.
• NEW: Optimized power management.

Ciacs Free Ciacs Free v1.4.2

Ciacs is a contact sender.
Easily send multiple contacts to multiple recipients.
-Send/receive business cards via SMS
-Integrated with Contacts app on Eclair
-Can recognize contact from paint text SMS
-Option to save sent SMS
-Supports plain text, csv and vcf formats for email

Sensorly Map Viewer Sensorly Map Viewer v1.2.3

How good is your cell/mobile network coverage where you need it?
Is your favorite WiFi network going to be available at your vacation spot?

See the answer with this app and join us to build worldwide coverage maps.

(Data collection is configurable and can be turned off. Collecting a lot? Phone is hot? Check "save on data plan" in settings).

Crazy Home Lite Crazy Home Lite v1.0.6

Crazy Home is a new home screen replacement for your Android phone with OS 1.6 and higher.

Sytrant Sytrant v1.03


Synchronize your system time through internet time servers.

Aleatori Lite Aleatori Lite v1.0.1

Aleatori chooses one or more random values from built-in or custom sets. Use it to roll dice, flip a coin, choose lottery numbers, decide where to go for lunch or whatever you want.

IP Address IP Address v1.0

A simple widget for your home screen that displays the IP Address and Network Mask for each active interfaces on the phone.

Copy the information to clipboard and paste it in sms, email or any other applications.

Know which interface is currently active, whether 3G or WiFi, the widget displays the Ip Address of only the active interface at any given point in time.


A simple widget for your screen that displays the phone IMEI number. Copy the IMEI number to clipboard and paste it in your sms, email or any other applications.

Self Timer Lite Self Timer Lite v1.1

A simple app you can use to take a photo of yourself (with others ;)) or to reduce the camera shake. The self-timer mode can be set from 0s to 1 min. The lite version takes low resolution pictures.

Call Control Call Control v1.8

CallControl periodically generates sound beeps, which are heard only on your side, during phone calls.

While active, this program makes a beep sound at the predefined time mark during the phone call.

Use CallControl to make yourself conscious of time spent on phone during call.

V1.8 - Volume control added

StatDroid Lite StatDroid Lite v0.9.8

StatDroid is used to analyze & synthesize stats on your device.

Community stats.
See how your phone stats compare to others.

Storage stats.
Summary & Capacity.

Call log, SMS/Text, Image, Audio/Music, Video, Contacts, Minutes, and Browser has the latest features and functionality.

ear ear v0.6beta

ear - easy settings profiles - for Android devices

Server Down Alarm Server Down Alarm v1.0

15-day trial

- Monitor your web sites and servers
- Alarm and wake you up if one of your site goes down
- Accurate and reliable checkings
- Add Widget to your home screen showing the overall status of your server

Please search in slideMe for the paid Pro version