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Swipe Master 2 Swipe Master 2 v1.0.0

Test your orientation sense by steering blue starship to avoid bad aliens!. Unlock all levels and become a Swipe Master! :)


Run away fast as you can!
Dodging the oncoming cars, barrels, containers, and so on!
Help Cody, Ashley, Mike and Hotzomby escape from the terrible Reno.

Loop de Loop Loop de Loop v1.01

Once a loop, always a loop! Loop to encircle.

Smash-O-Lantern Smash-O-Lantern v1.0.1

Just in time for Halloween, Smash-O-Lantern is an arcade game for Android.

Smash the pumpkins!

Kabu Rocket Launch Kabu Rocket Launch v1.2.1

The player's task is to launch one of the heroes into space as soon as possible. Tilt your device to steer.

Quick Draw Quick Draw v1.1.2

Test the speed of your thumbs with QuickDraw.

Airplane Fighters Airplane Fighters v1.0.22

Defeat endless waves of enemy airplanes in this awesome top down WWII shooter! Unlock achievements and beat your friends with your scores!

Missile Range Test Missile Range Test v1.1

- Tilt your device to maneuver your missile and dodge obstacles which may impact your fuel and missile performance.
- Increase the range of your missile and keep track of your 10 best range scores
- Keep an eye on the fuel tank and try to get some cryogenic fuel as you go along
- Get more adventurous with the never ending speed boost

Dungeon Balance Dungeon Balance v1.1

Dungeon Balance is a challenging ball balance type game that puts you in the mysterious and dangerous dungeon scenery. Lead the ball to escape from the dungeon using phone accelerometer.

24 challenging levels to complete featuring a variety of obstacles to avoid.

Pick up the key and reach the teleporting pod in the quickest time.

Features Heyzap leaderboards - compete against your friends and other players.

Moon glider Moon glider v1.0

You will have to rescue the astronauts, survived in the Battle, with the help of a small spaceship.

Space Runner Space Runner v1.0.1

A runner in the space, holds a fighter's grace.
Race through the levels filled with horror and catastrophes the vicious space of future poses and carry out your courage and skills to accomplish something you've never accomplished before. Hail to the monkey and the space!

Sperm Rush Sperm Rush v1.4

Run! to grow a life!
You have to drive your sperm to meet the egg. Your main concern is to drive your sperm with rush and avoid all the obstacles and get the coins to make high scores.

CrazyAngel CrazyAngel v1.0

Control the Crazy Angel and attack enemies with powerful magic, allowing you to move further beyond that space. Skill up your magic and use various items to survive dangerous moments.
Easy control! Our game can easily be played by only one hand grabbing the device and using the thumb to control the character.
Only 1 second tutorial! And you can easily adopt a baby dragon to fight for you. Stop waiting let’s start the game.

Angry Monsters Angry Monsters v1.0.4

Angry Monsters is simple addictive game. Your task is connect the monsters in the correct order. You will get points for correct connection. Check your position in global ranking, and compete with other players.

Paddle Trouble Paddle Trouble v1.17

Fun game where you need to keep certain balls from falling but leave others to fall. Things speed up quickly with traps springing into action!

The more you play, the faster things get.
How many waves can you survive?

Game uses Google's Play game services for leaderboard tracking, but not required.

Avitus: Lost Powers Avitus: Lost Powers v2.0.4

Save your race and retrieve the ancient artifact “Avitus”.

FFR:New York Run FFR:New York Run v1.2

Arcade style motor racing. Enjoy continuous action, dodge cars, get boosts, upgrade your wheels and don't forget to use the jump feature to avoid traffic.

Mr Candy Mr Candy v1.0

Mr Candy loves sugar. He wants eat to eat all candies of universe and you must guide him to reach his target.

Deep Space X Deep Space X v1.0

Simple arcade shooting game. Sight an alien ship moving your phone.

Xamalga Xamalga v2.0.0

Play against the pulse-pounding tracks of Xamalga Prime or go head-to-head against your own library of music as you take on Xamalga in Open Form Foundation's music-based arcade game.

Struggle against Xamalga for points through each song, competing for top ranks and bragging rights.

Play it loud.