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The Angry Squirrel The Angry Squirrel v1.1

This squirrel is a little angry... and he got nuts!.
Get as many points as you can destroying stuff, and calm the squirrel.

Teeth Restaurant Teeth Restaurant v1.0.13

Help your Teeth to eat anything that falls from the sky before it falls to the floor, but beware of the harmful foods!

Mr. Gun - Free Mr. Gun - Free v1.0

Mission of this game is to destroy all the skulls which move around.

Zombie Dismount: Kill Ragdoll Zombie Dismount: Kill Ragdoll v1.02

Push the zombie ragdoll in this realistic 3d physics game! Select the direction and force, and then tap to throw the zombie! This is the one game where you do not shoot the zombies- yup, no shooting here - you just launch them so they fly! (and then fall really hard). This game is perfect after a stressful day of work - time for a break!

Cat And Food Cat And Food v1.0.28

Cats are most popular in internet. Everyday million of cats photos and videos are shared in internet.
Now we offer you even more fun - game about cat. This nice kitten is jumping around different obstacles making sweet MEOW sound.
Cute little cat is hungry. Help her to collect as much food as possible.
Game have 50 levels

Music by the project The Dubsteps - Dubstep Raver Kings (Extreme Mix) - look for it at Itunes or Spotify

Wild Breaker Wild Breaker v1.6

An addictive and physics-based bricks breaking game with a twist: use the power of magnetism to drive your spheres to the target and destroy all the blocks with the various power-up at your disposal.

Rococo Ragdoll Rococo Ragdoll v1.0

Customize your Ragdoll, challenge yourself in multiple game modes & environments

Geo Cascade Geo Cascade v3.1

AndroidTapp says: "Geo Cascade - ideal game for logic-loving puzzle fans!"
Android Rundown says: "Fun gameplay with engaging scoring system"
Android Quality Index: "Geo Cascade in Top 10 Android games and apps of December 2012!"
The Playandroid Magazine says: "Geo Cascade is a pleasantly colorful and fast-paced game"
AndroidShock says: "This cool mind-boggling puzzle is a perfect time killer!"

What Users say: "The most challenging chain reaction game ever", "Pretty addictive"

Bounce HD Bounce HD v1.1.0

Reach to Highest Score by Controlling The Falling Ball

Better Toss Better Toss v1.0

Toss balls into baskets with full, realistic control!

SmashBall3D SmashBall3D v1

Come fly ball hit by tennis racket.

include variety block set.

easy physics game.

Juicy Fruit Smash Juicy Fruit Smash v1.1

Smash fruits, collect the juice and make some colorful drinks.

Ricochet Ricochet v1.9

Ricochet is an addictive arcade game! There are 20 levels! Enjoy!

FakeWorld FakeWorld v1.3.0.0

Please do not believe anything dependent on experience .
Most everything is a lie.

BallRush BallRush v1.1.1

World's first physical runner!

Jetpack Space Jetpack Space v1.1.0

Jetpack Space is an exciting and addictive new tap to jump game.

Monsters And Dungeons Monsters And Dungeons v1.0.1

Addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle gameplay with classic monster-collecting RPG fun!

Run Down Run Down v1.0

Run Down is a game in which you have to control a ball which is falling. For survival you need to move fast, keep on jumping over the platforms that come up on the screen from bottom and not let the ball touches the top; tilt the phone to move the ball's direction to & fro.

Torkven vs… Torkven vs… v1.1

The main character (Torkvin) must save the world from evil. He will be the hardest journey.

Magic Blocks Magic Blocks v2.2

Do you like logic games and puzzles? Playing Magic Blocks you have to show your reaction and concentration.