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Dot empire Dot empire v6.0

Updated : 5-Oct-2014
Dot empire is a board style game similar to othello and reversi but more challenging in its nature. Capture your opponent's Dot by making territory surrounding it and conquer the whole Dots Empire! The game is very addictive and fun to play!

ColorBook3D ColorBook3D v1.2.5

Coloring Book 3D !

FGG Coloring Book 3D - color book for preschool kids.
16 simple 3D objects easy to paint.
Scale, move, rotate object, pick color and paint in 3D!

CowCannon CowCannon v1.9

Help the little lost cow getting back to its friends.

Banana Paddle Banana Paddle v1.0.1

Flap your paddle, pick up some bananas!

BubblesBlow BubblesBlow v2.1

The object of game is to clear all the bubbles from the board, scoring as many points as possible. How? You blow at them with more bubbles, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. Just tap at where you want the next bubble to go.

XMasFunTree XMasFunTree v1.2

Xmas Fun Tree lets your kids decorate their own Christmas Tree while listening to Christmas music.

Minesweeper Minesweeper v2.0

An old game with a familiar look!

FireWork Show FireWork Show v1.1.25

Create your own Firework Show!

DrawAndLearnShapes DrawAndLearnShapes v1.4

Draw and Learn Shapes offers a pleasant way to help your children learn the shapes, how to draw them and how to combine them to create figures using their imagination.

Color Lines Color Lines v3.3

Color Lines is a game play on 9×9 board with balls of seven different colours. The object is to connect 5 or more balls of the same color to a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Bikes Memory Game Bikes Memory Game v1.04

Bikes Memory Game a great ride down the road with hot 3D bikes and scooters, great game to pass your time and exercise your brain cells while you play Bikes memory game

Spider Solitaire Spider Solitaire v1.0.2

Here is a well know Spider Solitaire card game.
One of the best Spider editions on the market:

-In this game you will find 3 type of difficulty Beginners(one suit)Intermediate(Two suits)and Expert (four suits).

Farm Animals Game Farm Animals Game v1.03

Memory game for people of all ages, Fun to play with farm animals icons in our memory games designed for kids and adults of any ages which like to improve their memory skills by using memory games

PuzzleGames Cars PuzzleGames Cars v3.1

Dream cars puzzle game.
Ferrari, Ford GT, Mustang, Maserati, Jaguar, Honda NSX, Porsche...

Drag the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the image.

With Lot's of Photos / levels and multiple skill levels.

Website to upload your high scores and compare with people all over the world.

Have lot's of fun with this Puzzle.

BurgerDash BurgerDash v1.3

Have you ever dream about having a burger restaurant ?

Modern War Modern War v1.2


Color Jungle Color Jungle v1.2

Step into the world of magical colors and painting.

The day we come to life, we see colors all around. From the first day these brighter and lighter colors always fascinate us affecting our dim and low moods. While you are sitting somewhere feeling low, you might find it intimidating that a bright color will instantly aggravate your mood. Yes! These colors are all around us, playing with our imaginations.

Alien Strike Alien Strike v2.3

An inter galactic space war battle game. Good vs evil force. As part of a military elite attack and defence team, your mission objective is to counter the advance of alien invaders and rid the galaxy of evil. Strike at the enemy with superior laser photon weapon. Tactical skirmises take place in your space ship. A fun multi level game for all android devices. App2SD support. Tablet ready.

Super Car Super Car v1.1

Super Car (supercar) is free and addictive game mainly designed for children and is also so much challenging that people of all ages can enjoy the game play.

Fruit Bubble Burst Free Fruit Bubble Burst Free v1.7.9

Burst fruits like bubbles & blast the fruit to pop! Addictive like bubble blast
Fruit Burst is an addictive bubble burst game having both puzzle and Arcade mode packed in one box,
Shoot the fruits in bubble deluxe and have a blast, which is like good old classic bubble pop game.