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FarmVille Timer Full FarmVille Timer Full v1.01

FarmVille Crop Timer

for Zynga's FarmVille game is designed to be as reliable and simple to use as possible in order for you to setup alarms and receive notifications for your crops with the least amount of input necessary.

Crokinole Crokinole v1.2

Simple and addictive. Crokinole is like mini-shuffleboard, carrom, and marbles. Originally created in Perth, Ontario, Crokinole will forever be remembered as a favourite cottage game for thousands of people. Crokinole for Android features bright, fun graphics and a realistic physics engine.

Transformoid HD Transformoid HD v0.82



Transformoid HD continues the traditions of arkanoid (breakout) style games. Plunge into the world of fascinating physics! Your task is to drive the curved paddle and resist the real gravitation and wind. Enjoy!

Memory Kids Animals Memory Kids Animals v1.0.8

Animal Memory Game.
Match 2 - hear the Animal!

Shift Shift v1.01

Shift is a fun and addictive puzzle game with vivid, colorful graphics. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. A single round generally lasts only a few minutes, so it's perfect when you have some spare time like when waiting in line of riding a bus.

Memory: Egyptian Artifacts Memory: Egyptian Artifacts v1.0.8

The Classic Memory / Match-2 Game with an Egyptian Theme.

Stork and Baby Stork and Baby v2.2.8

This is a Sokoban like game.

Droid React! Droid React! v1.02

*Check Website for Updates*
Droid React is the simplest reaction time game on the market. It will test your reaction time, then display your reaction time on the screen! Play the game with your friends and try to being their reaction time!
Please rate high, we really appreciate it!
SD Card Support!

Blockstacker Blockstacker v1.11

Blockstacker is an easy-to-learn, but challenging game where you slide rows on the board to match stacks of colored blocks to gain points. Every time you reach a new level, you get a chance to gain extra points by matching a lock and key. Watch out for the evil Magno Skulls, as they will connect with each other, and make rows move together. Use Hearts, Bombs and Orbs to your advantage, and keep the board clear.

Crayon Doodle Lite Crayon Doodle Lite v1.0.0 build4

Crayon Doodle is the best doodle software in the google market! This software is designed with cute user interface, It can asily make cute/good looking/pro paintings on your android phone and you can share the paintings or replays easily. Suitable for both men and women, old and young~

Radio Ball 3D Radio Ball 3D v1.1.3

A fun, radioactive, fast-paced, accelerometer driven 3d game.
Radio Ball 3D is the accelerometer controlled tunnel game. A uranium ball driven by radioactive waste rushes through the tunnel. Can you reach the end?
Play and compete with other players

ChickLover ChickLover v2.1

If you are feeling hungry,turn on your android device and let,s play this game.If you are over weight and you want to reduce your weight,then play this game.Eat KFC chicken on android as much as you can.

Slide Number Puzzle Slide Number Puzzle v1.1

It's very simple and famous 15n Slide game, personally i love it, presenting my approach.

* Arrange 15 number serially
* Multi step move
* No Limit
* Complete Random

Feel free to write to developer ;)

Number Snake Lite Number Snake Lite v1.1.1

Tired of the same old puzzles like Sudoku? Try Number Snake instead!

Nebtrix Nebtrix v1.0

Demo of Nebtrix - space shooter for Android. Full verision contains 10 levels in 3 different worlds.

Clickogone Deluxe Clickogone Deluxe v2.2.4

Eliminate all blocks by clicking on groups of blocks with the same color.

Number Snake Number Snake v1.1.1

Tired of Sudoku? Number Snake is a fun numbrix/hidato like puzzle where you must find the path from 1 to 81 using only vertical and horizontal movements.

Miss Jump Miss Jump v1.0

“Save the Miss and make her Jump!”

Your good old Miss Jump is here!

Make her SLIDE UNDER obstacles, JUMP over hurdles and SPRINT as fast as you can!

Make fun with this miss!

Pixelar Free Pixelar Free v1.2.35

Turn all PIXELS on the screen the same color with a move limit.

Bub Bub Bubble Free Bub Bub Bubble Free v0.9.965

You're a bubble, you must take all possible bubbles to grow.

Avoid the mines and collect oxygen (red bubbles).