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Daring Reloaded Daring Reloaded v1.1

Daring Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Daring clips and videos from movies , TV shows, live shows etc. Your search for Daring clips on YouTube is simplified with Daring Reloaded Application on your Android phone. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your phone, so that you can enjoy your favourite Daring actions in a touch.

News Beat News Beat v1.0.7

Get your hands on the best personal News application! Use News Beat to stay up to date on your favorite news, blogs, and entertainment. This easy to use News reader keeps you in the loop on the go, whether you are online or offline.

Texas Lake Levels Texas Lake Levels v1.02

How much water is in your favorite Texas lake now? This app shows water levels for over 100 lakes across Texas including popular lakes such as Lake Conroe, Cedar Creek Lake, and Lake Travis. Also includes major Texas water supplies from Lake Texoma to Lake Amistad.

Out of Milk Out of Milk v2.6.1

Best Shopping List and Pantry List for your phone. Download now and start saving time and money.

Shopping List, Pantry List & To-Do List in a small, intuitive and easy-to-use app. With Out of Milk, your Shopping List stays with you everywhere you go and you'll have it on-hand once you're ready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List allows you keep track of your spices & essentials so that you always know what you have at home.

Fruit Astrology Fruit Astrology v1.2

Why you like Apple fruit not Custard Apple..?
Why you Dis like coconut..
Is your characters have influence on your fruit eating habit..? The answer is Yes definitely!
Fruit Astrology may actually tell based on your favorite fruit It tells: 
- Your personality...
- Your Nature..

- Your inner self... 

- Your outer self... 
and lot more! 

Read our analysis and think yourself to agree! So, what's your favorite fruit?
Take a look at the list of Fruits Astro in this app and choose one.

Flowers Astrology Flowers Astrology v1.2

Why you like Rose not Sunflower..?
Why you Dis like Honeysuckle..
Is your characters have influence on your favorite flowers..? The answer is Yes definitely!
Flower Astrology may actually tell based on your favorite flower It tells: 
- Your personality...
- Your Nature..

- Your inner self... 

- Your outer self... 
and lot more! 

Read our analysis and think yourself to agree! So, what's your favorite flower?
Take a look at the list of Flower Astro in this app and choose one.

Best Christmas Cooking Best Christmas Cooking v2

Surprise your Family and Friends on this Christmas by making Best Cooking & Food Gifts with our App.

Feature hundreds of Best Christmas Recipes; you can also share these recipes by E-Mail, SMS and Social Networks.

Flower Gift Flower Gift v1.0.0

Never end up missing a flower at hand again.
Use this virtual flower replacement to present it as a gift anytime you need it or just hand it over to surprise and entertain someone you love. Just plant the seed wherever you want it to grow, give it some patience, shed the light of your smiles upon it and in a minute it will blossom into a beautiful wild rose, presenting you with a random but sincere wish. You can also set it as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

eChing Lite eChing Lite v1.4.5

eChing - electronic iChing

I-Ching Oracle, kind of a Chinese horoscope, or better an advisor, a decision helper in the constant change of life.

You ask a question, press the yin yang button and receive an answer!

The core of the eChing are small, modern and funny oracle texts, instead of the classic translation.

It is a tribute to Dirk Gently
from the books of Douglas Adams.

Mirror Mirror v1.0.0

This application turn your phone/tablet screen into the best and most completed mirror in the market.
Mirror is probably the most usefull application in the market and With it you can left your pocket mirror at home, because you won't need it or even miss it.

Font Clock Font Clock v1.0

Font Clock Widget is a home screen clock for Android
Font Clock Widget change 9 Fonts, Color.
To use the widget:
- Long press empty space on the home screen
- Select Widgets
- Select Font Clock Widget

Cars HD2 Cars HD2 v1.2.1

Only cars and only the best

Quick Buy Quick Buy v1.1

Quick and easy shopping list with wake lock and SMS send/receive.

Shopping Memory Shopping Memory v1.2

Fashion shopping companion, closet organizer, outfit creator, fashion lists

Gasztromankó receptek Gasztromankó receptek v1.7

Read Hungarian recipes on yor phone! - A Gasztromankó alkalmazás segítségével a legfrissebb receptjeimet olvashatod időrendben, 5 kategóriába (Legfrissebb, Főétel, Leves, Torta, Egyéb süti) gyűjtve.

Updated: 2012.02.23
Updated: 2012.09.25 - Improved, images handling function.
Updated: 2012.10.10 - Content caching.

Sverige Tidningar Sverige Tidningar v1.3.1

Förteckning över större svenska dagstidningar, tidskrifter, nyhetssidor på nätet. Du kan hitta nyheter från Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, Göteborgs-Posten, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagen, Arbetarbladet, Affärsvärlden...

YouAreHere YouAreHere v1.7.7

Find stuff near you fast - no searches. Works without GPS. Ad Free.
Local Discovery Made Easy!
YouAreHere is easy to use local discovery app and more. It finds stuff near you on the map. No searches. Pan the map in any direction for automatic and quick updates. You're not bound to your location. To remove clutter filter out what you don't need.
Plus we let you add great deals that you find and share those on your social network. Location based deals for you powered by you!

Compare Compare v1.4.4

Compare is an ad-free application and open source application.

In a nutshell it helps you decide

#Which dress looks better on you when you are shopping for clothes, going out for party or work.

#Added Merging two photos into one

#Ability to paint/draw on merged photos

#Which photo is good enough to be mailed or shared.

Dream-e Dream-e v2.3


Dream-e LiTe Dream-e LiTe v2.3

Professional dream analysis and self-development tool. For dreamers and non-dreamers alike. (Free. No Ads)

Dream journal, with unique artificial intelligence designed to help you understand the messages of your dreams, and how to use these messages in order to live a more fulfilled and joyful life, to learn who you really are.