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PhoneCam free PhoneCam free v1.2

PhoneCam, 'Security Cam' with an old mobile phone in your office or home.

ObtenWIFI ObtenWIFI v1.4.4

ObtenWIFI es una aplicación de auditoría de seguridad de redes Wi-Fi para dispositivos móviles. Con esta potente herramienta podrás recuperar contraseñas de redes estándar.

Esta excelente aplicación se compone de cuatro herramientas principales:

★ Generador de contraseñas seguras.

★ Realizar Backups de las redes WiFi almacenadas en el móvil.

★ Recuperador de contraseñas ya guardadas en el móvil.

★ Escaneador de redes para recuperar las claves de tu wifi rápidamente.

VideoCollect VideoCollect v1.3

Video Collect enables you to collect videos that are embedded in a web page.

Wifi Hacker Wifi Hacker v1.1.7

Gain access to all Wifi / Wireless networks in your area.
Wifi hack every found network and crack their password, then simply log in.

This Wifi hack app uses advanced and precise scripts for obtaining
accurate na quick results!

Vectir Remote Control Vectir Remote Control v3.8.3

Vectir turns your Android device into a powerful universal remote control for your PC. Fully featured remotes are included for many applications including iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player (WMP) and PowerPoint. Also control your mouse, volume, keyboard and computer desktop directly from your Android tablet or phone. Don't waste your time installing a different remote for each application you wish to control - just install Vectir!

Notes Notes v2.0

Notes is an Efficient and useful tool which helps you Note down anything you want to.
Notes have a “Text file Builder” which helps you to make Text files of your notes , you want to include.
Notes is Password protected so that you don’t have to worry about Security.
Simple User Interface and easy to use.

One Click Uninstaller Pro One Click Uninstaller Pro v4.0.0

One Click Uninstaller Pro

Dynamic DNS Universal Client Dynamic DNS Universal Client v2.3

Dynamic DNS assigns a fixed domain name to your Android phone even though the IP address can change.

DynDNS Client DynDNS Client v2.3

This application assigns a fixed domain name to your Android phone even though the IP address can change.

bitShark bitShark v0.

bitShark is a powerful and feature rich packet capture and analysis application for Android

It's like Wireshark for Android!

Holo Theme Holo Theme v2.0.3

Holo theme of ES File Explorer, Android 4.0 UI style.

ES Classic Theme ES Classic Theme v2.0.3

It's the classic theme package for ES File Explorer V4.0+.

Killer Voice Recorder Pro Killer Voice Recorder Pro v1.1.8

The best voice recorder. Remote Recording, Shake to record, unlimited background recording, Dropbox integration and many other features

Percent Calculator+ Percent Calculator+ v1.4.3

A simple and easy to use percentage calculator. Features include calculate percentage, calculate discount, calculate increment, calculate before discount, calculate before increment, calculate percent of and calculate percent change.

Fast Translator Fast Translator v1.0.8

Fast Translator

is a free translator with 37 languages supported including the most used languages , you can easily translate any language.

Send sms,mail,facebook, your translated messages in any language, (pro only)

Test Ip Proxy Ip System Version Test Ip Proxy Ip System Version v1.0.7

Simple tool to check your connection ip,proxy ip

IP Info Detective Trial IP Info Detective Trial v3.4.1

It's a wild world out there. Want to know the status of an IP address? Let IP info Detective investigate it for you. Private I report will give you detailed information regarding the IP address in question. Read the report and decide for yourself. Useful if you need to know an IP address status in order to prevent, correct or defend ourselves or others in situations like using p2p networks, irc, chat, social networking or other internet activities.

Rec and Save Rec and Save v1.8.1

Rec and Save is a voice recorder. Its unique advantage is a very fast recording voice memos. After the start of new recording session, everything happens in two movements. First click starts recording, and the second stops and saves file.

GrandTools GrandTools v2.1.5

GrandTools-great app for students.

3D Measure 3D Measure v1.4

Quick estimation of the distance to any object and the object height and width