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Pinxys World Pinxys World v1.1.5

Find your way and collect all the diamonds

Orbii Orbii v1.0.0

Warning! Enemies incoming! Drag the circle around the orbit to fight them off in this unique space combat mobile game!

Fast Pixel Fast Pixel v1.5

Fast Pixel is a unique game "vertical running" where you should be quick to not die. Lower the maximum platforms as you can while dodging spikes.

Frog Jump Frog Jump v1

Frog jump !! The frog is very good at jumping. Enjoy jumping together !!

SantaClaus SantaClaus v1.05

Help Santa Claus to bring Christmas gifts to everyone!

Dynaminer Dynaminer v1.0.0

Survive to keep your treasure safe!

Space maneuvers Space maneuvers v1.08

Steer your spaceship and try to avoid the asteroids

Space Settlers Space Settlers v1.0.1

Play a great arcade game and become a true colonizer! Test your reflex, concentration and precision. Show how observant you are. Start your space adventure now.

Marble Rumble Marble Rumble v7.0

Marble Rumble is a fun and addicting game where you guild your marble through terrifying platforms..

Bomb Mania Bomb Mania v1.0.1

A classic game, but highly improved. Are you ready?

TrailBreaker TrailBreaker v3.1

Manic Bowling in the Stars. Let's get the ball rolling!
Drive your Jupiter along a series of suspended courses. You need determination and dexterity to finish this game. Roll left and right to avoid the cracks and be careful not to fall off the edge of the path as you go. Thundering into the unknown at breakneck speed, are you agile enough to negotiate the perils of Trailbreaker?

Dont Eat Soap Dont Eat Soap v1.1.23

Soap is good for washing your hands, but very bad to put in your mouth.

Mo n Ki World Dash Mo n Ki World Dash v20

Mo n Ki World Dash is India’s first fun learning arcade game with an interesting concept of “Learning while playing”

Jumping Boat Jumping Boat v1.1.0

Jumping Boat is a fun jumping game for all ages! Race with speed, avoid the island and obstacles.

Dog Race Greyhound 3D Dog Race Greyhound 3D v1.0

New Game of Dog Racing For Dog Lovers! Let your pet run in the most craziest racing greyhound track!

Shoot Ghosts Shoot Ghosts v1.0

A simple and pleasant pixel shooter survival

Cubway Cubway v1.0

Cubway is a journey with an abstract story of lifecycle of rebirth.

Astro Trek Astro Trek v1.1.0

Astro Trek is an arcade game in which the player navigates a starship through the moving asteroids and collect stars.

WizardCat Free WizardCat Free v1.0

2D platformer with RPG elements.

MaxSpeed MaxSpeed v1.0.0

Score a maximum of points at the maximum speed. Without advertizing