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Weatherlove Weatherlove v0.9.4

Weatherlove - weather, clock, love.

Rasta Flag Free Rasta Flag Free v1.2

Rasta Flag Free is a cool decoration widget for Rastafarianism fans.

CountdownKitchenEggTimerPro CountdownKitchenEggTimerPro v1.0.0

Looking for that perfect countdown timer that not only looks good but functions well too? This app is great and useful for:
Mothers, laundry, Students, Busy professionals, Parents +MORE

TPControl TPControl v2.6.4.0

TPControl is designed for use with AMX control systems, providing a portable user interface experience for control of all aspects of integrated systems. Supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for BYOD AMX Systems

Days To Go (Free) Days To Go (Free) v1.0.2

Daily countdown widget. Count days to go or days until an event. Can exclude days or dates e.g. weekends, public holidays, annual leave etc

★ ★ Droid Idol Weekly Winner ★ ★
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Days To Go Days To Go v1.0.1

Daily countdown widget. Count days to go or days until an event. Can exclude days or dates e.g. weekends, public holidays, annual leave etc

★ ★ Droid Idol Weekly Winner ★ ★
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UK Product Finder UK Product Finder v2.2.0

Easily and quickly search the several UK stores for products, price checking and promos. Good for price checking when out. Tesco, Argos & Amazon!

YouAreHere YouAreHere v1.7.7

Find stuff near you fast - no searches. Works without GPS. Ad Free.
Local Discovery Made Easy!
YouAreHere is easy to use local discovery app and more. It finds stuff near you on the map. No searches. Pan the map in any direction for automatic and quick updates. You're not bound to your location. To remove clutter filter out what you don't need.
Plus we let you add great deals that you find and share those on your social network. Location based deals for you powered by you!

Dream-e Dream-e v2.3


Horoscope Horoscope v1.0

Get your daily horoscope from this simple app! Know your future in these fields: love, money, health, work.

Horoscope for each day of the year, for every atrological sign.

Wear2gym Wear2gym v1.0

The official app for the wear2gym bodybuilding clothing store.
Use this application to view and purchase our products.

Out of Milk Pro Unlocker Out of Milk Pro Unlocker v1.2.2

Unlock Pro features for Out of Milk, and get access to all Pro features in the best Shopping List for phones.

Out of Milk Out of Milk v2.6.1

Best Shopping List and Pantry List for your phone. Download now and start saving time and money.

Shopping List, Pantry List & To-Do List in a small, intuitive and easy-to-use app. With Out of Milk, your Shopping List stays with you everywhere you go and you'll have it on-hand once you're ready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List allows you keep track of your spices & essentials so that you always know what you have at home.

Daily Fortune Teller Daily Fortune Teller v1.3

Daily fortune teller is much more than a fortune cookie! It can predict your inner desires and tell you is it possible to do whatever you want to do!

Cocktails Cocktails v1.6.2

Discover the best cocktails ever with picture and recipe.

FunTime3DeDesignerEaster FunTime3DeDesignerEaster v1.0.0


A Truly unique Egg Making experience!

FunTime 3D eDesigner Easter edition is the most unique 3D app in the market allowing you to fully customize your own 3D Easter Egg! Choose from various colors and designs for a truly unique Egg that you can share with the world!


Step 1 - Choose a Title and Border Color for your final image

Step 2 - Customize the Color and Texture


Baby Surprise lite Baby Surprise lite v1.0.7

What your child will look like?

Have you ever wondered, why is it that your friend can roll his tongue and you just can not seem to roll yours? Or have you been wondering how come you have freckles, but your best friend does not?

Automotive News Automotive News v1.0

This App Will Show You The Latest News on Automotive. Pick one of the news. Share it on Facebook.

Power of impact Power of impact v1.0

We introduce a brand new program to measure power of impact. Do you want to know your power of impact? And to compare it with results of people all around the world? To observe the improvement of your abilities? This program gives you an opportunity to do all of these things. You just need to install it, start, take the devise and punch your imaginary enemy! Try yourself and your skills, punch harder and compete with others for the title of the strongest person in the world.

Color Divination Color Divination v1.2

Color has been used for centuries. It was a popular method of cure even in ancient times. Some 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras applied color light therapeutically and `color halls' were used for healing in ancient Egypt, China and India. Color Divination, uses a set of principles to create harmonious color and color combinations for discovering inner emotions. This form of energy medicine is based on the belief that the human body is composed of energy fields.