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BBreaker BBreaker v2.4

Destroy all the bricks hitting them with the ball; but be careful, the ball must not reach the bottom of the screen. Keep the bombs away from the paddle and catch as many powerups as you can.

Good vs Evil Good vs Evil v1.1.0

Good vs Evil is an arcade action game where you must protect the good land from the evil forces.

Fruit Crush Mania Pro Fruit Crush Mania Pro v1.0.1

Fast action paced fruit popping & crushing game adventure finally arrived in SlideMe market!
It’s a Quest of match 3 puzzle mania with the most challenging modes that’s makes it highly addicting.

Air Hockey Air Hockey v1.0

Air Hockey Puck Deluxe brings classic air hockey to your finger tips.

Wizard Crusade Wizard Crusade v1.0

You must fight your way through the monsters and save the Queen for a reward.

Alien SpaceCraft Alien SpaceCraft v1.0

Shoot the aliens in this classic side shooting style game.

Candy Pop Pro Candy Pop Pro v1.0.1

►★◄Candy Pop Pro is the sweetest game ever! Is int it?►★◄
Candy Pop is a FUN fast paced MATCH 3 game.

Pinball Block Breaker Pinball Block Breaker v1.0

Pinball Block Breaker is a mashup between pinball and breakout.

Ice Block Breaker Ice Block Breaker v1.0

Ice Block Breaker is a classic breakout style game with a cool penguin ice theme.

Duck Bow Hunt Duck Bow Hunt v1.0

Duck Bow Hunt is a classic arcade duck shooting game using a bow and arrows.

Gem Collector Gem Collector v1.4

Gem Collector - Dodge, Collect, Win!

Jetpack Jump Full Jetpack Jump Full v1.34.2014

Falling platforms, lasers, powerups, and insane difficulty all await you in the awesomeness that is Jetpack Jump!

Spacebat Spacebat v1.5.0

Tap 'n' Flap your way to victory in this ultra-hard arcade game for Android.

Smashy Ball Smashy Ball v2.3

Get dizzy in a world filled with falling blocks. With different themes and music, pressure is built the further you go.

ExcuseMe ExcuseMe v1.0.2

ExcuseMe - Arkanoid

***Ideal choice for all fans of Arcade Games ! ***

Classic arkanoid + Epic story!

Trap Rescue Trap Rescue v1.0

Trap Rescue is a Unity based 3D game with a retro look. It is powered by Unity 3D. The objective is to move your player past the red enemies and rescue the hostage that is hidden at the end of the trap

June's Potion June's Potion v1.1

The sequel to award winning game that combine arcade theme with stealth gameplay.

Oley Poley Oley Poley v1.1.2

Help Oley roll his way back down to Earth! Will he ever make it!?

ChummyFishes ChummyFishes v1.0

Chummy Fishes, a kid friendly puzzle game, where both wits and reflexes are key.

4 Wheels Pinball 4 Wheels Pinball v1.1

Fast paced pinball game with car theme and happy dubstep vibes.