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Take Thy Throne Dragon Slayer Take Thy Throne Dragon Slayer v1.0.17

There's a Dragon on the loose! Attempt to defeat it with up to 5 different classes of characters and survive for as long as you can! Gain score for each amount of damage you deal to the Dragon. Play as the Knight, Archer, Ninja, Mage, or Honor Guard. Harness your special abilities and buy items from the shop such as swords, cloaks, boots, accessories, and potions, to help increase your chances of survival!

FunnyJewel FunnyJewel v1.0.4

A match-3 diamond game with classic, addictive gameplay and thousand of levels.

Bob The Bubble Bob The Bubble v1.0

Easy to control, hard to play!
Jump on the platforms and show your agility.

Reindeer Run Reindeer Run v1.0

Join the little reindeer on its crazy journey and help santa

Sky Raiders Sky Raiders v1.0

High-speed Intense shoot-em up!

Pumpkin vs Tennis-Free Pumpkin vs Tennis-Free v1.6

Knockdown all the pumpkins in various formations with a limited number of tennis balls. Just swipe to launch the ball and hit the pumpkins.

JackCourierMissionMexicoCity JackCourierMissionMexicoCity v1.3.4

Chase down the notorious criminal “El Chacal” throughout Mexico City.

Dron Heroes Racing Dron Heroes Racing v1.2

Race with your friends on one device.

Nyash Justice Nyash Justice v1.0.1

The sweetest in the world prosecutor-chan is fighting crimes in your mobile phone now!

Super MiniPix Super MiniPix v3.01

Jump, shoot and stay alive in this game, fun, easy and very, very addictive.

DoggoDanger DoggoDanger v1.0

You have fun with your qt3.14 gf in the forest when a huge(really, quite infinite) pack of wolves attack you. You must protect your girl from the hungry creatures and gain her trust and love.

Save the Pyramid Save the Pyramid v1.01

Tap enemy to protect Pyramid

Killer Clowns Hunt Killer Clowns Hunt v1.0.5

Its time to hunt killer clowns, dont let them escape!

KosmoPeng KosmoPeng v1,5

2D space shooter.

Crate Jump Crate Jump v3.1

A fast paced arcade.

Zombie Farmer Zombie Farmer v1.1.3

Feel the pain of being a dead Farmer!

SquidTest SquidTest v1.2

Can you pass the Squid Test? It´s one of the most difficult games of all times.

the circles the circles v2

the circles - simple and interesting puzzle game for you.

Pong Goal Pong Goal v1.0

Classic Pong Game with soccer like graphics

Run Beetle Run Run Beetle Run v1.0

Fun runner for kids