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Greedy Frog Greedy Frog v1.0

Help a greedy frog eat ants and flies but bewear for another insects.

Candy Pop Candy Pop v1.0.1

►★◄Candy Pop is the sweetest game ever! Is int it?►★◄
Candy Pop is a FUN fast paced MATCH 3 game.

Doodle Wipeout Doodle Wipeout v1.0

Wipe out all red tiles, avoid blue ones. That's it!?

Jump Jelly Free Jump Jelly Free v1.0

Guide the Jellyfish upward by jumping on platforms and using starfish to get an extra boost.

BongoTrip BongoTrip v2.0.1

You have been chosen. Race, run, jump, shoot and collect to fulfill your destiny and save your village, planet and probably whole universe

Skeleton Flight - Free Skeleton Flight - Free v1.1

Fly as far as you can with the skeleton, but watch out for the birds!

Hungry Bugs Hungry Bugs v1.2

“Hungry Bugs: Kitchen Invasion” is the best free tapping game for everyone! Test how fast you are and how long you can keep the bugs away from your cake.

Candy Cookies Quest Candy Cookies Quest v1.0.1

Fast action paced fruit popping & crushing game adventure finally arrived in SlideMe market!
It’s a Quest of match 3 puzzle mania with the most challenging modes that’s makes it highly addicting.Engage yourself or your baby kids in to highly addictive learning game that keep eyes and reflex brain with delicious and exciting flares of cookies.

Shin Chan 's Escape 2 Shin Chan 's Escape 2 v1.1

Shin Chan is back in the new production of Spark Games -- Shin Chan 's Escape 2!!!

Help Shin chan escape the dangerous jungle by guiding him past the obstacles!
Explore the forest in this endless runner with Shin Chan!!
Play with shin chan in his different costumes.

The game is set in a full 3D world this time!!

Gravity Shift Gravity Shift v1.2

Avoid Obstacle by bouncing up and down, defying gravity endlessly.

DFI Break Out DFI Break Out v2.2.0

Classic Bricks Break game

Space Attack Space Attack v1.2.0

Classic arcade shoot 'em up.
Defend your base against waves of enemies.

PigsXon PigsXon v1.0.0

If you like retro games, if you miss the classic arcades of the first computers. You have to try PigsXon.

You must fill empty space and capture wolves by building wall. As soon as you fill 75% or more empty space you will go to the next level. Beware of wolves. If wolves catch you, you will lose one life.

badkonak HD full version badkonak HD full version v1.0.12

badkonak is a cute and easy to play action arcade game
aim and shoot dart to balloons you must use the Technic to get triple stars (best score)

Tank Battle Tank Battle v1.0.0

The world is at war! Upgrade and config your unique ultimate tank to battle with your enemies!

Tank Battle is Heavy Weapon alike game, a side-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade action game at its best! Use an incredible assortment of heavy artillery to blast away enemy tanks and planes, and fight your way to victory. What are you waiting for? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get into the action!

Gem Collector Free Gem Collector Free v1.6

Gem Collector - Dodge, Collect, Win!

Mad Runner Mad Runner v1.04

Just run. And run again. Like a mad.

Pouncer Pouncer v1.0

Help Pouncer catch mice, escape dogs and get yummy milk and fish along the way!

Block Bind Block Bind v1.19

Complex game that give you cool head.
A simple way of the game. Get rid of the frustration and stress of your block.

Bubble Defense Bubble Defense v2.0

Get ready for the bubble-shooting adventure of your life! Bubble Defense is fast-paced, bubble-blasting excitement!