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Lights Lights v1.2.5

The high rated flash light app which can make your cell phone fun and a light tool!

Biorhythms Biorhythms v1.2.1

The program calculates personal biorhythms predictions for the selected date for each user, has an easy user interface, allows determine the most dangerous days in the month and makes biorhythm calculations with high accuracy.

Sony Xperia Blog Portal Sony Xperia Blog Portal v1.0

Check up on news from Sony Mobile!

Heute ist... Heute ist... v1.1

Diese App zeigt Ihnen Tag für Tag, mit ein wenig Humor, das Besondere am Tag.
This App. shows you now and again, with a little bit of humor, the special at this day.

Majel Majel v1.0.1

Majel is the android version of siri. It takes in your commands and processes it to find relevant results.

News Beat News Beat v1.0.7

Get your hands on the best personal News application! Use News Beat to stay up to date on your favorite news, blogs, and entertainment. This easy to use News reader keeps you in the loop on the go, whether you are online or offline.

IntimateFireplace IntimateFireplace v1.0.0

Snuggle up to more than 10 different warm and cozy fireplaces

IntimateHearts IntimateHearts v1.0.0

Are you looking for the perfect way to impress that special someone? Then this app is for you!

Intimate Hearts (Part of the Intimate line up of products by Game Scorpion Inc.) brings you over 10 beautiful FULL 3D hearts with various words of love and inspiration on them! Rotate the scene in full 3D on your device and set the mood!

Vision Board Vision Board v1.1.4

Lose weight? Make lots of money? Reach a goal? Your dreams can came true by using the powerful tool as its effectiveness was scientifically and experimentally proved.
This powerful tool is the Vision Board (visualization board, wishes map). If you want to be happy, get out of a harmful habit, get rich, find your love then the Vision Board will help you to increase the probability to make your wishes a reality.

Desi Deals Desi Deals v1.0

Desi Deals will give brief details about all the offers through which you can get your products in less price.

Love Guru Love Guru v1.0

Love Guru
(with Cheat Mode)

*Calculate compatibility based on name, date of birth, zodiac signs!
*Or use CHEAT MODE to show the percentage and remarks set by you, without letting your partner know!
*Also get to know about different zodiac personalities.
*100% free of cost.
*Very light, does not require networking or any other permissions.

Martenitsa Martenitsa v1.0.0

We wish You a "Happy Grandma Marta !" :) with this free virtual martenitsa.
Пожелаваме Ви "Честита Баба Марта !" :) с тази виртуална мартеница.

Fireplace II Fireplace II v1.1.0

That's a cool simulation that can turn any regular day into a remarkable, hot and romantic adventure for two, or simply keep you warm in a cold night. This application resembles a cracking and crackling realistic fireplace throwing sparks and playing sound that you can also set as your live wallpaper on devices running Android 2.1+ or as a static wallpaper on devices 2.0 and below. You can even touch the fire to create sparks with haptic feedback. We wish you a joyful warm-up ;)

Ελληνικά Νέα (Blogs) Ελληνικά Νέα (Blogs) v1.1.1

Eλληνικά νέα και επικαιρότητα συγκεντρωμένα όπως φαίνονται από την σκοπιά των Ελληνικών blogs.

Speech Assistant For BBC News Speech Assistant For BBC News v1.0.0

Your Android reads out loud BBC News

Budget Manager Budget Manager v1.2

This application is developed for all types of users to let them manage their monthly expenses.Use this application and take a command over your monthly budget.

Speech Assistant For RSS Speech Assistant For RSS v1.0.1

Your Android reads out loud your favorite RSS feeds.

Numerology Name Numerology Name v1.0.6

Do you know your NAME contains energy that affect people around you.
A GOOD Name match with your Date of Birth will help you to strengthen your weakness.

Find out the POWER OF YOUR NAME and how it reflect to others.

Love Horoscope Love Horoscope v1.0

How compatible are you with your partner? Lover or friend? Do you know that astrology can open for you secrets of compatibility between people simply by looking at their star sign? Love Horoscope will reveal these secrets for You!

Everfriends Everfriends v3.0.270

Helpful & fun virtual assistant app with personality and a sense of humor!

Try this siri-ously great voice-driven app for Android while it is FREE!

Cute extraterrestrial Spoony, beautiful blonde Brainy, mysterious brunette Mary and charming Mei want to make friends with you! That’s right, with you! They will bring you news, search for any information you want, make calls, send messages or emails, cheer you up with jokes and games, and much, much more!