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Haberci Beşiktaş Haberci Beşiktaş v1.4

Beşiktaşlılara müjde... Tüm Beşiktaş haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV,, Google News, Facebook, Fikstür, Sonuçlar. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Beşiktaşlı'ya ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Haberci Fenerbahçe Haberci Fenerbahçe v1.5

Fenerbahçelilere müjde... Tüm Fenerbahçe haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV,, Fenerbahç, Facebook, Google News, Fikstür, Sonuçlar. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Fenerbahçeli'ye ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Haberci Galatasaray Haberci Galatasaray v1.4

Galatasaraylılara müjde... Tüm Galatasaray haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV, Google News, Facebook, Fikstür, Sonuçlar, Puan Durumu. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Galatasaraylı'ya ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Haberci Trabzonspor Haberci Trabzonspor v1.4

Trabzonsporlulara müjde... Tüm Trabzonspor haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV, Google News, Haber61, Facebook. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Trabzonsporlu'ya ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Republica Dominicana Noticias Republica Dominicana Noticias v1.0

Noticias desde República Dominicana para tu Android.

JustReader Pro JustReader Pro v1.0

Pro version of the JustReader: Featured offline Google Reader client for Android.
Read your favorite feeds anywhere you want!

LocalZipNews LocalZipNews v1.0.0

Want to share what's happening in your community? Then enter news in your zip code with LocalZipNews. Share news about something you just noticed in your neighborhood and view news that others have posted. With LocalZipNews you and others in your zip code can share timely, relevant LOCAL news. This is information that you can't get from the newspapers or TV stations, like local community events, shopping tips about businesses in your area,lost pets and much more!

I.O.U I.O.U v0.621

Keeps track of your debts.

*Item debts
*Money debts
*Send reminders
*Move to SD
*Partial payments
*Due dates
*Barcode scanner
*Contacts from address book
*Custom currencies
*Backup to SD

Tử Vi Tử Vi v1.1

The first Vietnamese Horoscope app with very cool features:
- Today horoscope.
- Tomorrow horoscope.
- Week horoscope.
- Year 2011 horoscope.
- Update everyday!
- Share to your friends via email, sms, facebook...
- Customize background.
- Totally free!

Dog Whistle Dog Whistle v2.0

Want to train your little puppies? Want to tease your neighbors' dogs? Or simply want to scare away the fierce ones? Dog Whistle is born to cater for such needs.

ARTags ARTags v1.0.5

How the world can become your gallery.
ARTags is the first application that lets you draw wherever and whenever you want leaving your mark in augmented reality.
You can express your skills on your own mobile phone. Once your "tag" is completed you can drop it in one of our AR Browsers and leave your mark.

Dschungel App Dschungel App v1.0.7

Bald startet das 5. Dschungelcamp. RTL zeigt erneut "Ich bin ein Star - holt mich hier raus" oder kurz ibeshmhr - IBES eben.

Die Dschungel App kennt alle Sendetermine der Show und hat eine Erinnerungsfunktion. Außerdem kann man für die Kandidaten abstimmen. In den ersten Tagen schickt man sie damit zur Dschungelprüfung, später wählt man sie zum Dschungelkönig.

Zudem werden Twitter Nachrichten zu den Hashtags #ibes und #dschungelcamp abgerufen.

Viel Spaß damit!

Tipped Off Tipped Off v3.2.1

Tipped Off is a free, easy to use tip calculator. You can use it to figure out your tip using any percentage and split it between up to 10 people. Also, Tipped Off has a built in reference guide that will help you figure out the correct tip in a wide variety of situations, from your hair dresser to a tour guide.

Discount Calculator Discount Calculator v1.20

Have you ever wonder how much something will cost after the discount?
This discount calculator will do it for you.

Valentine Greeting Card Valentine Greeting Card v1.0

Express your love this Valentines with our greeting cards! Wish your dear ones on this Valentine's day with this greeting cards. There are so many people you can make happy with a card that says "I Love You". What we have here is a fun and easy way to say how much they mean to you!

Desire List Desire List v1.07

If you want to buy an iPad or drive a nicer car, yet you do not have enough money to pay for it, you can start saving money now with our app. All you need to do is to save $10 here, and $15 there. Pretty soon, you will have enough money to pay for what you want. Desire List is a perfect app to stay financially disciplined for your goals. You can keep track of how much money you have saved, and how much more that is still needed.

DealMe DealMe v1.0

DealMe is a lightweight deal finder and browser that will help you find great deals on items you are shopping for.

Trinidad And Tobago Press Trinidad And Tobago Press v1

Top news headlines from Trinidad and Tobago for Android.

Noticias de Colombia Noticias de Colombia v1.0

Los principales titulares desde Colombia para tu Android.

Motivateme Motivateme v1.2

There you go, running mile after mile. Some runs are great and others leave you questioning... Why Do I Do This? Download MotivateME for a collection of inspirational quotes that will keep your tennies tied tight and give you a little pep in your next five thousand steps!