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FreePlay Math Skills Quiz FreePlay Math Skills Quiz v1.0.0

Whether you are learning math, want to brush up your knowledge, help your kids or just enjoy math quizzes, this fun application is right for you.

LekThai LekThai v1.2

Thai number is so easy, Let's learn it now !

Battle Field Guide LOL Battle Field Guide LOL v1.0

The ultimate strategy manual to help you defeat your enemies in the League of Legends massive multiplayer online real time strategy game.

The ultimate playing guide for League of Legends and all of its expansions. This ultimate online tip and tricks manual is written and updated by real players. Provides strategies for each of the elements--Champion, Summoner, Skins, Items, and Minions--in the game.

Abcday Lite Abcday Lite v1.0.4

Yey! Learning ABC is so much fun now! Kids will surely love this entertaining app ; from the bubble popping, various amusing music, nurturing voice, to the exciting learning tools - every part of this app brings a memorable learning experience.

Ihlas Koleji Ihlas Koleji v1.0

İhlas Koleji

Mehet Burak Sayıcı

TOEFL Kelimeleri TOEFL Kelimeleri v1.0

TOEFLʹda en çok çıkan 400 kelime.

Droidsoft News Bot Droidsoft News Bot v0.2

A Talking News Bot - Speaks and displays top news & stories posted at DroidSoft.Co - new stories on Android, and its ecosystem including Google, Tablets, Cloud Computing, & Social Networking.

Learn Chinese Learn Chinese v1.3

★★★ Practice and enjoy learning Chinese! ★★★
✓ Learn and practice Chinese(Mandarin) any time you want.
✓ Most useful daily used Mandarin phrases
✓ Including Pinyin (Roman alphabet for learning Chinese) with English translation
✓ Listen Chinese audio while reading
✓ Practice anytime/anywhere
✓ Easy navigation
✓ Smooth Scroll

Danger World Flags Danger World Flags v1.1

Search or browse the National Flags of the World. See pictures and read descriptions of the flags and the reason behind their designs. Do you know the basis of your own country's flag? Autofill search field and forward and back buttons let you easily browse the database of information.

Baby Word Baby Word v1.0

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Can't wait to let your baby start learning new words themselves? You can do that right away when you download this application. Baby word allows you and your baby to learn new words easily and effectively in this application. A must try for all parents and babies out there

Algebra Calculator Algebra Calculator v1.1

Algebra Calculator makes completing homework easy for students and grading homework easy for teachers!

VAT VAT v1.5

Simplify your VAT calculations

لبيك لبيك v1.0

Set of Media about Hajj and Umrah
مجموعة من الوسائط التي تفيد الحاج والمعتمر

WhatTime WhatTime v1.5

Teach your child how to tell the time! Practice with your child and increase the difficulty as your child evolves. Different levels to choose from.

Liderler Liderler v1.0


Reveal Reveal v2.6.2

Reveal LDS Reader is an eBook reader Online download of Mormon, Christian eBooks.

Answers! Answers! v1.3.1

Save the cat.. kill the curiousity!

Search Yahoo! Answers for answers to your queries. Get responses from others who have replied to your questions.

A great knowledge base awaits you!



Learn Hiragana with Kugimiya Rie Learn Hiragana with Kugimiya Rie v1.0

Super adorable Japanese Hiragana learning tools.

Whiskey Explorer Whiskey Explorer v1.0

Whiskey Explorer contains lots of useful information about the different brands of whiskey, and can help you with the best choice.