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Sportopoly Sportopoly v2.3

Sportopoly is a Monopoly like board game based on a sports theme!

Ant Picnic Ant Picnic v1.0.4

Ant Picnic is a strategy game where you try to rid the board of ants by lining up 5 or more ants of the same color vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

aMazing Halloween aMazing Halloween v1.08

Meet Andy, a normal greenish small guy, that likes one thing - candied shiny red apple.
Help him get his beloved apples by navigating through amazing mazes,
collect candies and buy more mazes to get more apples and candies, to buy ...

Well, I guess you got it :)

Tap The Box Tap The Box v2.2

Tap The Box and Order The Color is simple yet addictive free puzzle game. Your goal is to clear the level by tapping all color by their order before the time runs out. While you are progressing through the level in this fun game the time become shorter on every level.

Tactics Tactics v1.0.1 RC

There can be only one!

4 in a row 4 in a row v1.0

four in a row a classic puzzle game with strong AI.

Minesweeper Minesweeper v1.0

The popular board game minesweeper is now available on Android.

Kikugi Kikugi v1.0.0

How to play:
- Click on a ball
- Jump over with selected ball one adjacent horizontally or vertically so as to arrive empty space
- Skipped ball disappear
- Play so that he has only one rest

Catta Reversi Catta Reversi v0.8.7

Reversi, the classic strategy board game. Simple rules, deep strategy, all fun!

Catta Reversi Lite Catta Reversi Lite v0.8.7

Reversi, the classic strategy board game. Simple rules, deep strategy, all fun!

MonoGoGo MonoGoGo v1.15

The millenary Game of GO, with a hint of Artificial Intelligence.

This is an app to play the Japanese game of Go.

GO Dice GO Dice v1.2

GO Dice.Dice have never been so awesome. Go play some dice.

Escape Constipation Escape Constipation v1.0.7

This game is to escape feces from intestine like maze

Crimean Conflict free Crimean Conflict free v1.15

Play as Ukraine or Russia and defeat enemy forces fighting for Crimean peninsula. Catchy logical game for two players.

Jackpot Bingo Jackpot Bingo v1.0

Play Bingo Jackpot game, no banners, no in-app purchases, just free blitz for your fun.
Get the card and try your chance to get the jackpot in a blitz with Bingo Jackpot. You are limited by the time, see if you are lucky enough to collect jackpots.

- Play as long as you want
- Play at your pace, blitz of bingo balls
- Play everywhere, no need of Internet connection

Aeroplane Chess Aeroplane Chess v1.2.0

A very popular board game, similar to the western game of Ludo.

Word Search Word Search v1.000

The best Word Search games on the market:
- The board automatically adjusts the screen of your device.
- The screen is filled with words that cross and intersect.
- Improved and intelligent touch sensitivity
- Cleaner interface and colorful
- 10 levels of difficulty depending on the level and the time to find the words change.

It has 5 themes to choose from:
- Sports
- Travel
- lifetime
- Fruits
- Food

Knights Tour Knights Tour v1.2

Can you complete the tour?

Dots and Boxes Dots and Boxes v1.4.3

The player with the most boxes at the end is the winner.

Peg Solitaire Peg Solitaire v1.2

Peg Solitaire is a simple, but also relaxing and challenging board game.