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Cabo Ruivo Cabo Ruivo v1.1

Cabo Ruivo is an application for the same-named online newspaper written in German and based in Switzerland. With this Android App you can catch the latest article on your smartphone.

AroundMe World AroundMe World v1.0.12

AroundMe World uses your current location allowing you to find nearest places around you!
It also allows you to browse whole planet and to select custom current search location simple by placing marker on map!!

Deco Deco v1.0

Indian Cooking Videos

Ramazan İmsakiyesi Ramazan İmsakiyesi v1.6

Bu uygulama ile Türkiye´nin İlleri için Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı takvimi esas alınarak hazılanmış 2011 Yılı günlük ve aylık Ramazan İmsakiyesine ve iftar duasına ulaşabilirsiniz.

v1.6 Özellikleri

- Türkiye şehirleri için günlük imsakiye
- Türkiye şehirleri için aylık imsakiye
- Türkiye şehirleri için bayram namazı saatleri
- Türkiye şehirleri için varsayılan şehir ayarlama
- Dünya şehirleri İmsakiyesine web bağlantısı
- İftar duası
- Ramazana özel dini android uygulamalar

Lovers Spots Lovers Spots v1.3

Are you planning to take your girl/boy to world beautiful place to propose them or impress them. Do you want to know which place to take them?

My Dao My Dao v1.2

Tao Te Ching - the treatise containing an essence of doctrine Lao-tszy.
Lao-tszy - laid the foundation of Taoism living in China IV-V centuries BC

我 Dao 我 Dao v1.2

Tao Te Ching - the treatise containing an essence of doctrine Lao-tszy.
Lao-tszy - laid the foundation of Taoism living in China IV-V centuries BC

Мой Dao Мой Dao v1.2

Дао дэ дзин - трактат содержащий суть учения Лао-цзы.
Лао-цзы - основоположенник даосизма живший в Китае вIV-V вв. до н.э.

Quotes of Christian Quotes of Christian v1.0

Are you a Christian and follow Jesus!!!

Then this app is for you all Christians over the world.

App shows collections of Jesus Christ and others quotations.

If you want to suggest us to add your quotation,we welcome you.Please mail us.We add it.

Thought Of The Day Thought Of The Day v1.0

A special thought for the day. Increase your happiness by reviewing daily positive advice and wisdom to make you feel better. Thing wise thoughts with these pick me up quotes and inspirational sayings. free quote, wisdoms, ideas, happy

Jokes For All Occasions Jokes For All Occasions v1.0

All kinds of jokes and funny things for your enjoyment and fun quotes! With this app you will be able to look through some of the funniest jokes, and cool sayings.

free jokes, free wisdom, tips and advice, sayings, words

GlobalStockExchange GlobalStockExchange v1.0

This is a application which gives information about global stocks exchange rates.Now we can get current exchange rates all over world in our pocket mobile.

PicMent - Picture Note PicMent - Picture Note v1.5.7

Contribution: Ads notification twice a day (with no harm)
- Take Picture and Add comment to your gallery
- Share image and comment with facebook, twitter, email etc.
- Search gallery by comment
- Filter by Media Folder and sorted by created date
- Zoom Image

KolayEvBul KolayEvBul v1.9.1

Bu uygulama ile etrafınızdaki satılık veya kiralık olan evleri listeleyebilir, listelediğiniz evler hakkında detaylı bilgi ve resimlere ulaşabilirsiniz, bunun yanında filtreleme özelliğini kullanarak listeyi daraltabilirsiniz.Şuan itibariyle İstanbul,Bursa,Ankara,İzmir ve Kocaeli illeri mevcut,zamanla diğer illerde eklenecektir(v1.3 ile tüm iller mevcut).Görüş ve isteklerinizi adresine gönderebilirsiniz.

Tabuu Tabuu v1.2

Play with your friends and exercise associations without worrying about cards, board or timing. All you need to enjoy the coolest version of Tabu is your smartphone and a pinch of imagination…

Christmas Ringtones Christmas Ringtones v1.0

Get your phone ready for Christmas.
- download Christmas ringtones for free
- great collection of Christmas ringtones and more added daily
- multicultural ringtones in various languages

Oldies Radio Pro Oldies Radio Pro v1.1

Oldies Radio Pro on Android Devices.

Christmas Music Christmas Music v1.5

- over 100 free Christmas songs (creative commons license)
- share songs on Facebook

Today in history Today in history v2.0

What Happened This Day In History. Facts and birthdays.

Martenitsa Martenitsa v1.0.0

We wish You a "Happy Grandma Marta !" :) with this free virtual martenitsa.
Пожелаваме Ви "Честита Баба Марта !" :) с тази виртуална мартеница.