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Modern Defense 3D BETA Modern Defense 3D BETA v1.2

It's time to defend. Not with stupid bows and rocks but with GUNS, BIG guns! Defend your way to the top with Modern Defense 3D, a fully 3-dimensional tower defense game.

ThePuzz ThePuzz v45

ThePuzz is not a typical puzzle game, is a fusion between an arcade and a puzzle.
The operation of the game is simple: Take pieces one at a time and the slide them. But beware, it's not as easy as it seems, the pieces can bounce on springs and can escape through the doors.
In addition, there are objects that will help you in making the puzzle, crash them for extras. Some objects are bad so you have to get out them through the doors to make them disappear from the screen game

Paper Snake Paper Snake v1.1

Paper Snake is a great little game based off the classic game on the Nokia 3310! It is as addictive as the original Nokia snake but with a different feel (paper style), play Paper Snake and be prepared stay glued to your phone.

Meat Slice Meat Slice v1.1.3

Use your fingers to slice up the meats

Super Moon Defender Super Moon Defender v1.1

Super Moon Defender is an retro-style action game were finger dexterity is all that counts!
Shoot the falling asteroids and crazy aliens before they destroy your Mega-cannon or until there is nothing left to defend! Use the support of your radar and missile silo to seek out and destroy incoming targets, along with a range of different power-ups that will help you keep the sky clear!

Space Attack Space Attack v1.9.9

Scroll Shooter arcade game with lots of adrenaline! This game is for you.

Feed me planet Feed me planet v0.9

Feed the black hole with planets!

Marble Mania Marble Mania v1.0

Marble Mania is a must have app for any marble-game fanatic!

Catch big air while blasting off huge ramps as you roll your way to victory in this exciting, fully 3-D marble game!

Pinball Pinball v1.1

The name says it all. Pinball game. Just play it !

Pingy Pong Pingy Pong v1.2

Pingy Pong is the only ping pong game you will ever require

Archery Archery v1.0

The top killing-time Archery game has come back.

Balltris Balltris v1.2

Try to make as many points in this challenging game that requires speed and ingenuity.

Jumping Frog Jumping Frog v1.3

Exciting arcade game about a frog for the whole family and for all ages.

Townlets Townlets v1.0

Townlets is a modern variation of the classic game, requiring accuracy and fast reactions!

Hurl the bat at the shapes made from blocks located on the moving platform. Keep track of the time and the number of throws, and be sure to knock out the red blocks, or else the game is over. Collect bonuses for help, and watch out for obstacles. Knock out strikes to multiply points and set new records.

Play Townlets - it's fun and active! The rules are simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy!

Bugzz Smasher Bugzz Smasher v1.0.4

Smash bugs with your finger in this bugs smasher style game! Simply tap the bugs for a smashing good time, but watch out for the dangerous fly! Bugs smasher is an easy to play, must-download hit. Be the best crusher out there!

Paddle Trouble Paddle Trouble v1.17

Fun game where you need to keep certain balls from falling but leave others to fall. Things speed up quickly with traps springing into action!

The more you play, the faster things get.
How many waves can you survive?

Game uses Google's Play game services for leaderboard tracking, but not required.

CrazyBounce CrazyBounce v1.14.1

Crazy Bounce is a sequel to the popular game Bounce.

Light Cycles Duel Light Cycles Duel v3.0.1

Two player lightcycling on it's best!

This game has fun OLD SCHOOL two player - legacy - gameplay like the old 8-bit and 16-bit days for your tablet. Based on a famous Light Cycles movie it is basically a lightcycles game.

Crush Worms Crush Worms v1.0.3

Crush Worms - a fun and energetic game which will entice you and your children.

iWorm iWorm v1.1

iWorm is a classic version of the famous old game Snake including 30 fun levels.
In every level you have to collect as many Stars as you can before their time is up.
To unlock each section, you need a specific amount of Stars.