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Candy Dash! Candy Dash! v3.4f

Help The King restore the crown jewels in this addictive match 3 game! Shoot candies to complete groups of three or more and accomplish all levels!

The devil is work The devil is work v1.0

You are working for the devil, but there are a lot of angels waiting for you. If you are not careful you will be caught, so use your evil brain to challenge them!

Bouncing Bill Bouncing Bill v1.0.2

Meet the Bouncing Bill, falldown game with little cute blue bouncing ball.

Road Cross(Pro) Road Cross(Pro) v1.0

Pro version of Road Cross. Time and pedestrians killer for Android.
Now you can kill zombies. 4-ways crossroads. Hardcore! Everything unlocked.

Paper Snake Paper Snake v1.1

Paper Snake is a great little game based off the classic game on the Nokia 3310! It is as addictive as the original Nokia snake but with a different feel (paper style), play Paper Snake and be prepared stay glued to your phone.

Pacdroid Pacdroid v1.5.2

Pacdroid the apples eater! Your challange is to eat apples! but be careful... a bite of the wrong apple can be fatal!

Whack The Zombies Whack The Zombies v1.0

Whack the as many zombies as you can to get the highest score.

Meat Slice Meat Slice v1.1.3

Use your fingers to slice up the meats

Super Moon Defender Super Moon Defender v1.1

Super Moon Defender is an retro-style action game were finger dexterity is all that counts!
Shoot the falling asteroids and crazy aliens before they destroy your Mega-cannon or until there is nothing left to defend! Use the support of your radar and missile silo to seek out and destroy incoming targets, along with a range of different power-ups that will help you keep the sky clear!

Marble Mania Marble Mania v1.0

Marble Mania is a must have app for any marble-game fanatic!

Catch big air while blasting off huge ramps as you roll your way to victory in this exciting, fully 3-D marble game!

Pinball Pinball v1.1

The name says it all. Pinball game. Just play it !

Neon Rush Neon Rush v1.4

Neon Rush is an arcade Run-n-Jump type of game, in which you have to help Neo to score as best score as you can, by guiding him through Neon City full of obstacles.

Archery Archery v1.0

The top killing-time Archery game has come back.

Pingy Pong Pingy Pong v1.2

Pingy Pong is the only ping pong game you will ever require

Townlets Townlets v1.0

Townlets is a modern variation of the classic game, requiring accuracy and fast reactions!

Hurl the bat at the shapes made from blocks located on the moving platform. Keep track of the time and the number of throws, and be sure to knock out the red blocks, or else the game is over. Collect bonuses for help, and watch out for obstacles. Knock out strikes to multiply points and set new records.

Play Townlets - it's fun and active! The rules are simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy!

Angry Italians Angry Italians v1.1.3

With your powerful sling, try to hit objects and Italian politicians and let them all fall!

Candy Falls! free Candy Falls! free v2.2 free

Sweets are raining from the sky! Catch them with your basket!

CrazyBounce CrazyBounce v1.14.1

Crazy Bounce is a sequel to the popular game Bounce.

Bank Keeper Bank Keeper v1.1

Don't let them rob the bank!
Bank Keeper is a new action-packed game from Digital Fish, a retro western style shooter inspired by old 8 bit computer games like "West Bank" of ZX Spectrum or "Bank Panic" of Commodore 64.

iWorm iWorm v1.1

iWorm is a classic version of the famous old game Snake including 30 fun levels.
In every level you have to collect as many Stars as you can before their time is up.
To unlock each section, you need a specific amount of Stars.