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TankRangers TankRangers v1.1

Blow up your enemies!

Infinite Infinite v1.3N

Avoid obstacles, stay alive as long you can. Can you beat this game?

The Hive The Hive v1.04

Bernard the bee might be small but he sure is fast, perhaps too fast. Help Bernard navigate the hive whilst avoiding the many dangers along the way.

Bumpy Adventures I Bumpy Adventures I v1.0

Bumpy Adventures is a infinite side scrolling game.

The player has to control the bumpy across varying platforms by jumping around it and controlling the speed.
As the game progresses Bumpy starts moving swiftly becoming difficult to control him. Collect the coins to boost your score. In the end only score matters.
Collect the heart to gain extra lives. This will give chance to boost your score.
Please make sure to see credits to support the developers.

Smash Smash v1.0.4

Discover the power of Smash today. Stunning music and stunning graphics for this new Arkanoid-like game.

Nolad Nolad v1.1.2

Shoot, run, jump and get fun!

Nolad is an arcade shoot-em-up inspired by classic arcade like Megaman, Strider, Metroid and, Super Mario Bros.

The impossible ninja game The impossible ninja game v1.1

Try to beat the entire map! don't scream out! is impossible! Share your score online!

StickManZR StickManZR v1.0

Run Stick Man Run!

RangeRacerPrankApp RangeRacerPrankApp v1.0.6

Range Racer Prank App is a very well disguised prank application which pretends to be a racing game. After decades of scientific research , years of psychological studies and thousands of test runs on human guinea pigs, we are proud to offer you probably the most effective prank app there is on the market today. Screams, tears and laughs are guaranteed!

Power Space Power Space v1.13

Spaceship game fun and full of action.
You'll have to run a spaceship and destroying obstacles and enemies.

Nebula Ride Nebula Ride v1.0

Cool retro style arcade action.

Dizzy Penguins Dizzy Penguins v1.0.0

Dizzy Penguins has very simple game play but you'll be insanely addicted by it! My game provide you endless of fun with the simplest action. Once you start the game, you will be enjoy it.

TapMaster TapMaster v1.27

Speed Testing Game is a simple yet funny game that tests your reaction speed and concentration. The idea is to tap the four coloured buttons in the same order as they blink. The game is over if you tap wrong button. You can submit your scores to an online high score list.

Love Kiss and Bomb Love Kiss and Bomb v1.10

The way for True Love is full of pitfall and... Bombs!!!
Touch the Hearts for pleasure but avoid the Bombs!!!
Tip: Sliding finger Bonus Activation

Jetpack Jump Jetpack Jump v2.36.2014

Falling platforms, lasers, powerups, and insane difficulty all await you in the awesomeness that is Jetpack Jump!

VinniGun VinniGun v1.0

Play for Vinnipuh, fend off pesky pile of bees that want to take the honey, as well as his old friend who had contracted heels and became very aggressive and constantly wants to hurt Vinnipuh.
Take the barrel and solve any problems, showing their skills to aim and shoot earning experience points.

Space Crash Space Crash v1.0

Welcome to Space Crush, a new adventure game taking place in big undiscovered galaxy. In this game you are an Alien flying a UFO and trying to survive in a galaxy full of annoying comets. Your job is to bring the Alien to his base safely. In other words…Do your best not to get hit by any flying comets or planets!

Roly Ball Roly Ball v1.2

Entertaining and lively puzzle game with colourful mazes and fun characters. Roll your way through the massive labyrinths to rescue all the lost rainbow spherez before the time runs out!

Builder Run Builder Run v1.2.3

Help the little builder to run away from the haze!

Silly Pinball Silly Pinball v1.0

Tired of the endless running, flapping, and jumping games? Try Silly Pinball, a endless falling for skilled players only!