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Bartender Bartender v3.4

Play the role of a bartender at a bar, serve drinks to demanding customers and push them back before they get too angry.
catch back the empty glass and don't break any to avoid a strike.
collect tips to add life or to enter the bonus level where you can score even higher points.
complete all fun & increasing difficulty levels to win.

Bastard Solitaire Bastard Solitaire v1.6

A rarely seen solitaire variation with a good mixture of luck and strategy involved. OpenFeint enabled with leaderboards and achievements. Ready for Honeycomb!

My Quadra Pop My Quadra Pop v2.4.1

Color pairing games. Connect four or more gems with the same color.

RefleXaction RefleXaction v1.1

8 mini-games that test your reflexes, reactions, speed and accuracy.
Try to get 3 stars on all the various challenges.

Kids Matching Game Kids Matching Game v1.1.6

Train your child memory with this game!!!
Memory game for you and especially for your kids.
This game will help to train your and your child memory.

SameSquare SameSquare v1.9

The objective of SameSquare(SameGame) is to clear out all of the tiles and score the maximum number of points along the way. You remove groups of tiles that have the same color by tapping on them.

Air Tactics Air Tactics v2.0.1

Nice battleships type game to play with a friend or against the AI.

Fart Revolver Fart Revolver v4.0

Russian Roulette - Fart Revolver. The best prank revolver on the market! Feeling lucky Try now the fart revolver gun russian roulette alone or with friends!

Russian Roulette Russian Roulette v1.10

Play Ultimate Russian Roulette! The best Android Russian roulette app.

PartnerZodiacs PartnerZodiacs v1.3.10

Shows the meaning of your/your partners Zodiac. Love- Friendship- and Sex

Bar Drinks Game Bar Drinks Game v1.03

ar Drink Game - is memory game where we used different bar drinks pictures like Beer, Cocktails, Mojito, Orange Juice, Liqueur and Whiskey bottles. Train your memory with fun bar drinks

Dwarven Beer Dwarven Beer v1.2

We invite everyone to listen to the best parts of role-playing session with a cold mug of dwarven beer. If you remember some unique funny stories they tell. Anyone can add something.

Beer Quiz Beer Quiz v1.1

Beer Quiz for Android offers nearly 200 beer-related questions in a simple yes/no format. Do you think you know a lot about different types of beer and how they're made? v1.6 is a flight simulator game. In player can fly modern drones, use rockets, guns, destroy ground targets, vehicles and participate in combat and spy missions.

English 16 English 16 v1.4

This is a delightful puzzle originally been designed by an English sailor. The object of the puzzle is to transpose the positions of the red and green pieces in the fewest number of moves.

Fingers Vs Knife Fingers Vs Knife v1.10

Fingers Vs Knife is a game that requires great concentration. It's a game of great risk and suspense. Not to mention a game that makes you wonder what the heck you are doing risking your fingers like that!

Mahjongg Solitaire Mahjongg Solitaire v1.4

Mahjongg Solitaire, also called Taipei or Shanghai, is an old chinese board game. The objective is to remove all 144 tiles from the board. There are six kinds of layer suit for play on phone device.

Chain Theory Chain Theory v1.68

Best chain reaction game!

Chain Theory is one of the best chain reaction game available in the market.

Aliens Popper Aliens Popper v0.63

Pop the aliens!

It's all about popping the aliens :)

Solitaire Solitaire v1.5

The classic card game.

Meet - the most popular card game of all time, also known as Solitaire - Solitaire specifically for Android devices.