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I Know My Animals Free I Know My Animals Free v1.7

I Know My Animals is an interactive educational application that teaches kids to play while recognizing animals and their sounds. Once your children are accustomed to the sounds, you can test their learning through a fun quiz and cheer them for every correct answer.

PeriodicTable Reference PeriodicTable Reference v1.1

Simple Application to shows periodic table elements and their properties ,as well as quiz is there to check our knowledge about periodic table.

Number Genie Number Genie v1.1

Ask the Number Genie any number and find out what's special about it!

Kids Karaoke ♩♪♬ Kids Karaoke ♩♪♬ v3.4

Kids Karaoke, a multilingual sing along karaoke app for little ones as well as grown ups. Sing along with, and learn the words of, the most internationally known nursery rhymes out there, switch languages or just follow the lyrics of the songs. All nursery rhymes are internationally known and easy to learn and pick up the words from. Have fun and learn these timeless nursery rhymes.

Flashcards Flashcards v1.0

Kids Flashcards makes learning new words fun for children - Flashcards for Kids is the perfect app for bilingual families or ESL students who want to build vocabulary fast. Teaching a second language to children is also breeze with this app... Kids can practice SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SWEDISH & BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE (or any 2 combinations of these languages). UK and Australian Language options are also available!

Equation Solver Equation Solver v1.5

for linear equations up to 4 unknowns and up to fifth order polynomial

HiraSL HiraSL v1.1.0

The easiest way to learn Hiragana.

Animal Sounds أصوات الحيوانات Animal Sounds أصوات الحيوانات v1.0

تعلم أصوات الحيوانات ,15 صوت لحيوانات شهيرة
Learn 15 of famous animals sounds for children.

Collegeprepready Collegeprepready v1.3

Get all of your college prep resources in one place!

Origami Instructions Origami Instructions v1.4.3

Cool application to make fun things from paper!

• A BIG CHOICE of origami models: lots of different origami instructions: flowers, animals, birds, insects and others!
• EASY TO MAKE: includes simple and advanced models;
• Very EDUCATIONAL: best for fantasy and creativity, for kids and adults!

How to Tie a Scarf How to Tie a Scarf v1.1

This app is an illustrative step by step guide on tying a scarf. It presents 7 different scarf knots.

QEquation QEquation v1.1

The reason I made this application is simple to solve a quadratic equation.
The best of all it's free.

My Great Recipes My Great Recipes v1.71

An essential kitchen tool featuring Grandma Betty's tasty, home-style recipes with full-color photos that take you through every step! 
Find complete recipe collections, Today's Choice and Ask Betty any cooking question and she'll personally answer!

Word Study Word Study v1.1.3

Word Study, funny telling words application.
Show a piction about words. The shown picture tells the name of each words to you to four language(Korean, English, Chanese, Japanese).

Funny Writing Funny Writing v1.1.1

You valuable time with your kid!!
Teach your child the alphabet and Hangul with Funny-Writing.
Playing app fun and easy to learn .
Drawing, Seeing and Listening, Kid learns three things at once

abacusOS abacusOS v1.5.3

european abacus , nothing more
G-sensor supported

Kids Learn Colors Kids Learn Colors v1.0

Your child can now learn colors fun and easy way.

With this application you youngests can develop basic ability of color recognition.

Quizzo PHP Quizzo PHP v1.0

A simple Quiz App To learn PHP Faster

Space 4 kids Space 4 kids v1.7

Educational application of the solar system. Images of all the planets of the solar system with information. The planets are shown to scale. The distances between the planets are too wide.

MyQuiz MyQuiz v1.2

My Quiz – Lite is a free application for Android that tests your brain based on an assortment of different knowledge sets. It has lots of questions to test and enhance our knowledge based on diverse categories, a make my quiz feature to create your own quiz to test your family and friends, a two-player mode, a custom playable quiz and a score center to keep check of the scores.

Download this app for free and Have fun!