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Nightlight (Premium) Nightlight (Premium) v1.1

Use your Android phone or tablet as a nightlight to illuminate your rooms and hallways. This app display a white screen so that your mobile device acts as an ambient nightlight. You can also use it as a lantern to walk in the dark. App keeps your phone awake and full-bright while this app is running in the foreground.

This NightLight app also comes in quite handy during power outages (for example, during thunderstorms). Use it to roam your home in the dark to find your flashlights.

Dreamclock Free Dreamclock Free v1.1

Dream clock free - AD free

Improve the quality of your sleep with the dreamclock.
The dreamclock is highly recommended for these people who are worried about their wake-up time so wake up very often during the night.

Quotes of Motivation Quotes of Motivation v1.0

Install this to your Android device and get 2 - 10 new quotes a day. Share it to facebook to make your life more colorful. Keep connected to the Internet to get more quotes. visit our page for other interesting apps.

Cooks Measurements Converter 1.0 Cooks Measurements Converter 1.0 v1.0

Large simple buttons and no complex menu's for quick weights, measures and temperature conversion whilst cooking.

Simply enter text in one or more of the field, select which way you would like to make the conversion and click convert.

Paid version includes conversion tables for most kitchen scenarios and does not contain AD's

Chicago Football Chicago Football v1.0

Chicago Bears Football.

Harem Harem v1.2.1

Fun Dating Game:
Flirt, meet people, compete and have fun in a role playing game of harem owners and servants. Harem masters and mistresses try to capture popular females and males.

Join thousands of active users who participate via our mobile apps, web apps or facebook app. Meet them while having fun competing for harem supremacy.

Weatheria Weatheria v1.0

Weatheria Plus provides you with latest current condition, 5 day forecast, ability to change your wallpaper based on current weather, and more.
All this in a fast and minimalistic application with gorgeous artwork, made especially for You to enjoy.

Alcoholic Anonymous Alcoholic Anonymous v1.0

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a great tool to help stay sober! By using this app user remember his strongest motivations to stay sober, even when times are tough or he has a craving. This app features:

* How long he has been sober
* Motivational photos from his mobile device
* His reasons to stay sober
* Motivational quotes about sobriety
* Fast access to his fellows for support

TRGift TRGift v1.0

The Right Gift - A Gift For Every Occasion

With Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Wedding Showers, Graduations And Baby Showers Its Hard To Find The Right Gift For Everyone!

No Matter How Much You Love To Shop, Its Seriously A Mission To Sort Through All The Sales And Retailers. Enter The Right Gift, The Most Useful Shopping Accessory Created Since The Invention Of The Shopping Basket!

wortuhrBasic wortuhrBasic v1.01

Stylische Umsetzung der aktuellen Wortuhr.
WortuhrBasic ist Freeware.

Xông Đất Đầu Năm Xông Đất Đầu Năm v1.2

The first and only Android app that helps you choose guest's year of birth to bring you happiness and luckiness.

Δείτε Live TV Δείτε Live TV v1.1

watch public greece tv channels

Cleveland Football Cleveland Football v1.0

Cleveland Browns Football

New Orleans Football New Orleans Football v1.0

New Orleans Saints Football

Baltimore Football Baltimore Football v1.0

Baltimore Ravens Football

Cincinnati Football Cincinnati Football v1.0

Cincinnati Bengals Football.

New York Football New York Football v1.0

NY Giants Football.

Dallas Football Dallas Football v1.1

Dallas Cowboys Football News.

Kansas City Football Kansas City Football v1.0

Kansas City Chiefs Football.

Oakland Football Oakland Football v1.1

Oakland Raiders Football.