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Malevich Malevich v1.1.4

Malevich — just a platformer in suprematism style.

Chuckles And Mike Chuckles And Mike v1.2

Use your battlesuits to fight the way back to your ship! A hundred action packed levels. Incredible platformer with new mechanics.

Money in clouds Money in clouds v1.0.74

The given game - platforms, with arcade elements.

Epic War 3 Epic War 3 v1.5.1.0

The most epic entry of the Epic War series!

Violetland Violetland v1.0.9

In this game the player should help a girl by name of Violet to struggle with hordes of monsters.

Cursed Fighter Cursed Fighter v1.0

Is a 3D action game about fighting demons and dark monsters to help the hero save his family from their dungeons. Awesome graphics, 3D HD effects, Cool Moves, Action Powerups and much more to get a grab on!

PulseCharge M PulseCharge M v0.0.25

A 2D Platformer with an emphasis on Speed Running and Exploration!

IncredibleCube IncredibleCube v2.0.7

A game for those who possess a special trait, want to know what? Play the game

Betamax - Chocolate Caverns Betamax - Chocolate Caverns v2.0

Super BetaMax is a legendary platformer! Join Max in this classic gameplay romp.

Zombie Outbreak Zombie Outbreak v0.16

kill or be killed. Survive, collect items and maximize your score.

Killer Abducted Killer Abducted v1.4

Destroy all aliens on their spaceships and home planets in this action FPS game.

The Saloon The Saloon v1.0.1

Become the best shooter in Wild West ever!

Sea Chicken Sea Chicken v1.2.7

A riviting, action-packed ocean adventure game.

IHateBears IHateBears v1.1

I hate teddy bears! I wanna destroy all bears! Hey bear, don't jump!

Platform Bear Platform Bear v1.1

Go along the tracks without falling down, collect points to unlock bonus tracks.

The House 2 The House 2 v1.1.0.0

A horror point and click games!

Escape Velocity Escape Velocity v1.2.4

Classic shoot-em-up-like game that gives you much more than a usual one. During the game there is no other goal than get a name and conquer the galaxy. There are no limits everything is up to you. Choose a spaceship, improve it, get missions and finish them.

Felipe Femur Felipe Femur v1.0.11

Felipe Femur serves as a perfect substitute for a bedtime story.

LeoCat LeoCat v2

Leo Cat is a fun and exciting platform game and you play as a cat.

Save the Day Save the Day v1.03

Are you ready to Save the Day from thousands of Moons?