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Message From The Universe Message From The Universe v1.6

Universe has a message for you.
Wise sentences to cheer you up.
No ads.

Desire List Desire List v1.07

If you want to buy an iPad or drive a nicer car, yet you do not have enough money to pay for it, you can start saving money now with our app. All you need to do is to save $10 here, and $15 there. Pretty soon, you will have enough money to pay for what you want. Desire List is a perfect app to stay financially disciplined for your goals. You can keep track of how much money you have saved, and how much more that is still needed.

DealMe DealMe v1.0

DealMe is a lightweight deal finder and browser that will help you find great deals on items you are shopping for.

Party n Play Party n Play v9.2

PnP uses GPS to determine your exact location and instantly connect you with gay, bisexual or curious guys in your area with the same sexual interest.

Dirty, raunchy and kinky - no holds barred! Perfect for fast anonymous hookups to chill or go wild.

You can also see special offers and discounts nearby provided by FourSquare.

We are still very new - please let your friends on twitter or facebook now :)

Woomark Woomark v1.2.0

Woomark is a FREE location-based geosocial networking App for Android. Publish, Share, Discover places like restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, museums, outdoor centers, and thousands of other spots of interest worldwide!

Trinidad And Tobago Press Trinidad And Tobago Press v1

Top news headlines from Trinidad and Tobago for Android.

Noticias de Colombia Noticias de Colombia v1.0

Los principales titulares desde Colombia para tu Android.

Noticias de Panama Noticias de Panama v1.0

Los principales titulares desde Panama para tu Android.

Motivateme Motivateme v1.2

There you go, running mile after mile. Some runs are great and others leave you questioning... Why Do I Do This? Download MotivateME for a collection of inspirational quotes that will keep your tennies tied tight and give you a little pep in your next five thousand steps!

Motivational Quotes Motivational Quotes v1.0

Need some push during a workout. Love something more than anything else like football and soccer. Here are a locker of quotes to inspire you and motivate you during workouts and training.

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Quotes For All Occasions Quotes For All Occasions v1.0

make yourself look smart by dropping quotes into conversation!! Includes famous and intelligent quotes on love age wisdom religion change marriage education change beauty peace and more.

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Dutch Words Dutch Words v1.0

Want to learn some dutch apps? Heres how to!!!

Download the app and use it!

These words are the most commonly used ones in the Netherlands

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Thought Of The Day Thought Of The Day v1.0

A special thought for the day. Increase your happiness by reviewing daily positive advice and wisdom to make you feel better. Thing wise thoughts with these pick me up quotes and inspirational sayings. free quote, wisdoms, ideas, happy

Jokes For All Occasions Jokes For All Occasions v1.0

All kinds of jokes and funny things for your enjoyment and fun quotes! With this app you will be able to look through some of the funniest jokes, and cool sayings.

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TvRehberi TvRehberi v1.0

AndroTurk olarak Tv programlarına hızlı ve pratik olarak erişebilmeniz için Tv Rehberi uygulamasını sizler için geliştirdik.

Knock Knock Knock Knock v1.0

Laugh with your friends with these funny collection of Knock Knock jokes.

Learn them and share them with your new family at your next party. Increase your funniness by memorizing some of these jokes or making your own to be original and unique.

If you got to a club try to pickup hot girls or sexy guys with funny and cute pickup knock knock jokes. Do you have what it takes to make people laugh?

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Interesting Ideas Interesting Ideas v1.0

Ponder these interesting ideas and thoughts with this free app. Do you know if it's impossible to tickle yourself? Or that a lot of people spend a whole year of their live on the phone? Ponder this and many other things.

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Mottos For Success Mottos For Success v1.0

Find love, joy and success every day of the year!

Looking for success this year—in life and in love, in your work and in your relationships with others?

Mottos for Success is a library of insightful proverbs, sensible advice, and stirring slogans that might be just what you need to help you come out on top at the end of your day.

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Life's Top Quotes Life's Top Quotes v1.0

These are the best quotes For you, Hope you all like these superb Quotes. Share them with your lover, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your children, wife, family and friends. Make the world a better place.

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Special Design Wallpapers Special Design Wallpapers v1.1

Special Designed Cool Wallpapers
Set a cool Wallpaper of your choice to decorate your Android device.

  • A cool Collection of Wallpapers
  • Select a catagory from a list that includes 3D, Love, Animals, Beaches and much more
  • A collection of wallpapers will display when a catagory is choosen
  • Slide thumbnail bar to easily choose your wallpaper
  • Take a preview before setting up a wallpaper