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GeoSense GeoSense v1.0

Ever wondered how you would know if you have reached a destination you've never been before ? GPS is great .. but should you be checking out the GPS on a regular basis just to make sure ? Or what if you Sleep off ? The solution: GeoSense !

Password Safe Password Safe v1.6.1

Password Safe is used to keep password and confidential info secure using 128bit AES.

- Display item in tree view by category.
- Search item by name.
- Choose from pre-defined templates or create your own.
- Most flexible password fields, easily customize.
- Choose from 70+ icons to associate with items.
- Import/Export to csv file.
- SD card backup.

glInfo glInfo v1.6

Small developer utility that lists a device's OpenGL ES version information, supported extensions and display configurations.

Droid Attendant Trial Droid Attendant Trial v1.2

This auto responder app allows you autoreply via sms to any incoming calls or sms during a specified time range that you schedule.

custom sms reply message
target specific contacts
repeat on weekly schedule

Works on Droid HTC Eris HTC Nexus One HTC Incredible plus more
Supports Android 2.0+ & Froyo
48-Hour Trial

DeviceInfo DeviceInfo v1.0.0

DeviceInfo - show details information about your Android device/phone.

MyDroidJavascript MyDroidJavascript v1.0

MyDroidJavascript is a Little javascript editor.

dialfaster (US) dialfaster (US) v1.15

The dialfaster android app gives you the information you need to jump automated phone menu systems.

Sleek Feed Sleek Feed v1.0

Grabs the RSS Feeds

APad++ Pro APad++ Pro v1.4

A powerful general-purpose text editor, support for the current mainstream text editors. Support the text encryption format specific.
more info:

Ultimate RSS Feed Searcher Ultimate RSS Feed Searcher v1.4

This RSS Feed Reader allows you to search and bookmark any RSS content available on the internet without having to manually crawl through each site to find their RSS feed. Comes with widget where you can put the RSS on the homescreen if needed.

RSS Works on all Android including Moto Droid, HTC Hero, Nexus One, plus more!

SMS Migrator SMS Migrator v1.5.3

Don't need ROOT access!!

Migrate / import SMS from Iphone, Window Mobile, Symbian (Nokia), BlackBerry, Sony Errison, Samsung, Siemens, and so on to your Android.

Very simple to keep your sms.

After install this app., check-out to see how to migrate.

Contact by email if any problem.

Android Device Catalog Android Device Catalog v1.0.3

Android powered Smartphone and Tablet catalog with detailed information.

v1.03 Bug Fixes


Characteristics: The program is able to

  • distinguish income and expenses.
  • add or edit your unlimited income and expenses.
  • simply use to keep regular transactions with Regular-Use menu.
  • add or edit bank account transactions including deposit, withdraw, transfer among bank accounts.
  • add or edit credit card details including credit card payments.
  • present 24 reports and 42 graphs.

house finder house finder v1.3

find house in mainland of China

CodeArk Tally Counter CodeArk Tally Counter v2.5

A simple tally counter and a stop watch. Capable of single counting and counting in laps. While in laps mode, you can also see the grand total of all lapses. Very useful...

Aspect Ratio Calculator Aspect Ratio Calculator v1.2.4

A simple tool that makes it easy to calculate the dimensions to resize an image.
Great for graphic designers, or anyone resizing images for blogging.

dialfaster dialfaster v1.1

The dialfaster android app gives you the information you need to jump automated phone menu systems.

Aviation Weather with Decoder Aviation Weather with Decoder v1.0

Aviation Weather with Metar Decoder and two widgets

Snowtam Decoder Snowtam Decoder v1.0

Snowtam Decoder

GenPassword GenPassword v1.0.3

GenPassword allows you to generate a unique password based on your key phrase using algorithms SHA1,MD5 or SHA1+MD5