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GenPassword GenPassword v1.0.3

GenPassword allows you to generate a unique password based on your key phrase using algorithms SHA1,MD5 or SHA1+MD5

Alkso Alkso v1.0

Alkso is blood alcohol level calculator and alcoholic testing detector. It's available only in Croatian.

Alkso je kalkulator promila alkohola u krvi i detektor alkotesta u Hrvatskoj. Dostupan je isključivo na hrvatskom jeziku.

LedEffects LedEffects v0.9.0.1

LedEffects is a service handling notification for events as incoming call, SMS, Mail, IM, etc. It was originally for DIAM/RAPH running xdandroid with phh's kernel but was extended to support more phones.

SMS to CSV, TSV SMS to CSV, TSV v1.0

Export/Backup your SMS and save it to SDCard or send by E-mail.
CSV, TSV formats are supported.

Aspect Ratio Calculator Aspect Ratio Calculator v1.1.3

A simple tool that makes it easy to calculate the dimensions to resize an image.
Great for graphic designers, or anyone resizing images for blogging.

随身天气 随身天气 v1.2


FileBro Lite FileBro Lite v1.35

A full featured file browser for the android platform

Scribtor Lite Scribtor Lite v1.25

Notepad and a text editor application for the android platform.

MultiSearch MultiSearch v1.0.1

All your favorite search engines in a single application !

CheckBalance CheckBalance v2.3

CheckBalance is a simple app that allows you to store your carrier service numbers more used(web traffic, calls, etc). The USSD number to check the balance is already stored by default. You can add more USSD numbers using the settings screen.

You can add a quick view app shortcut to your home!

You can always send me your feedback to improve the app.


Yes or No? Yes or No? v1.1

Need to flip a coin? Enjoy a quick race to the final decision!

Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) v1.0.2


Organize your home screens using your computer!

1. Launch - the desktop component
2. Load – home screens from your device
3. Organize – using drag and drop on your computer (add apps too!)
4. Apply – the changes you’ve made to your device. (FULL version only)
5. Enjoy!

Feedback wanted - details @

Note that this is a trial version that cannot apply changes to your device. Full version coming very soon.

Battery Sentry Battery Sentry v1.0.0

Battery Sentry watches your battery when you can't - anytime your phone's screen is off. Works on Android 2.0 and above!

AndroPaint Lite AndroPaint Lite v1.32

Touch paint application for the android platform

deciBel deciBel v0.8.3

deciBel is a simple sound level meter for Android

decision-maker decision-maker v0.5

decision-make is an app that can make some decisions. :)

APN OnOff APN OnOff v1.0

Switcher for toggling mobile Internet connection

Tick! Tick! v1.3

Tick! is a simple timer in minutes with a quick set interface.

When you need to launch quickly a remainder, think Tick!, your new best friend for cooking pastas !

• NEW: Pause mode with long click on the button.
• NEW: Optimized power management.

DockAwake DockAwake v1.8

Change your phone settings when docked!

This program will adjust your phone settings when your phone is in a Car Dock or Desk Dock
Display Timeout- Adjust how long your display stays on (Including Option to never turn off)
Bluetooth- Turn on, Turn off & Reset (off then on to fix issues with some cars)
Wireless- Turn on / Turn off
Call Mode- Automatically use the Speaker Phone or Bluetooth Headset when you are docked
Launch an App- Automatically launch any application when you place your phone in a dock.
Disable Lock Pattern- Disable the lock pattern when you launch an app, This can also automatically unlock the phone w/ some apps

Trying to turn on and unlock your phone while driving is dangerous!
Removing your phone from a dock will restore the previous settings

Ummulqura Widget Ummulqura Widget v1.0

Umm al-Qura calendar is an Arabic and Islamic Hijri program appears on the
main screen of your Android device, stylish and easy to use to show you a today
date in AD and AH(hijri) with the name of the lunar month
we develop this program to give you the impression that your Android device
start to meet your needs and understands you.