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Screen Test Screen Test v2.0

ScreenTest for finding broken pixels on your Android phone.

Sytrant Sytrant v1.03


Synchronize your system time through internet time servers.

MyCalls MyCalls vMyCalls4.0

“MyCalls” helps you monitor your phone usage for voice, data and SMS.

Crazy Home Crazy Home v1.0.6

Crazy Home is a new home screen replacement for your Android phone with OS 1.6 and higher.

Crazy Home Lite Crazy Home Lite v1.0.6

Crazy Home is a new home screen replacement for your Android phone with OS 1.6 and higher.

Sensorly Map Viewer Sensorly Map Viewer v1.2.3

How good is your cell/mobile network coverage where you need it?
Is your favorite WiFi network going to be available at your vacation spot?

See the answer with this app and join us to build worldwide coverage maps.

(Data collection is configurable and can be turned off. Collecting a lot? Phone is hot? Check "save on data plan" in settings).

Uninstaller Uninstaller v1.0.2

Fastest and simplest uninstall tool on android!

*Remove user application easily by single click!
*Display application name,version,install time and size
*Search application by name
*sort by Name, App Size, Updated date
*Ignore system applications that can not be uninstalled

It requires OS1.5 or later.

USBCurrent USBCurrent v1.1

Very simple and small application:
Shows the amount of electrical current available to the phone via a USB connection.

Aleatori Lite Aleatori Lite v1.0.1

Aleatori chooses one or more random values from built-in or custom sets. Use it to roll dice, flip a coin, choose lottery numbers, decide where to go for lunch or whatever you want.

PGP Manager for Android™ PGP Manager for Android™ v1.2

PGP Manager is a full-featured PGP client for Android.

Hudson Helper Hudson Helper v1.2.5

Access your Hudson Continuous Integration server from anywhere. Monitor job status, build information, build trends and build stability.

- Project summary, health and weather
- Graph build trends
- Monitor multiple servers
- JUnit test reports, clover coverage, and findbugs status
- Authentication
- Build controls

Slide Keyboard Slide Keyboard v1.0.4

Slide Keyboard displays keys 4 times bigger than the standard android keyboard.
Press the key with the character you want to type while swiping your finger in its direction.


Delicious Delicious v1.0.0

Delicious is the application for Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service (formerly It keeps your bookmarks in sync.

Network Monitor Network Monitor v1.7.0

Simple and statistical precision.

To help users understand their own mobile phone network data traffic usage, in order to better control the cost of data traffic.

2G/3G network data traffic monitoring capabilities.
The network data traffic to warn function.
The network data traffic statistics data display.

WiFi Buddy WiFi Buddy v0.9.5-beta

WiFi Buddy is an easy yet functional Wi-Fi network scanner tool. Its core features are:

  • Automatic scanning for access points
  • Directly connect to open networks
  • Easy access to all Wi-Fi settings
  • Keep Wi-Fi radio active while idle


VNC 100 VNC 100 v1.1

VNC 100 is target to make Android mobile capable of controlling a remote computer. Or in other words, a network mouse+keyboard.

adaffix adaffix v1.1.0

adaffix is an award winning application that enriches the user’s phone call experience by adding relevant content to calls in real time.

SlideType Keyboard SlideType Keyboard v0.3.1

Each slide direction gives you a different key.
- Long press letters for accents.
- Shift/Alt key is slidable too.

To enable:
1. Settings -> Locale&text -> SlideType Keyboard: check to enable.
2. Long-press on any input text field and choose: Input Method -> SlideTypeKeyboard.

If you have problems please email me !

Lamp Lamp v1.0

Author email:

The application is designed for temporary lighting or is used as a Flashlight. It includes there lamps that you can turn on or off by touching screen. You can adjust the high, middle and low three brightness.

Pombook Pombook v3.5.1

Pombook synchronizes your Facebook photo albums on your device so you can access them easily.