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Oxford Italian Dictionary Oxford Italian Dictionary v8.0.225

The Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary is the most complete and up-to-date Italian dictionary available.

Oxford French Dictionary Oxford French Dictionary v8.0.225

Acclaimed by language professionals from all over the world, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary leads its field.

Oxford German Dictionary Oxford German Dictionary v8.0.223

The Oxford German Dictionary provides authoritative coverage of German and English, complete with essential grammatical information and language usage notes for both languages.

New Oxford American Dictionary New Oxford American Dictionary v9.1.284

As Oxford's flagship American dictionary, the New Oxford American Dictionary sets the standard of excellence for lexicography with the most comprehensive and accurate coverage of American English available.

Oxford Spanish Dictionary Oxford Spanish Dictionary v8.0.225

This internationally acclaimed dictionary is widely used as a key reference tool by language professionals. With over 300,000 words and phrases, and half a million translations, and packed full of grammatical and usage information for both languages, it is the most authoritative Spanish bilingual dictionary available.

Oxford Russian Dictionary Oxford Russian Dictionary v8.0.225

The latest edition of the Oxford Russian Dictionary is an invaluable text for any serious student of Russian, or any Russian native speaker learning English.

Oxford Dictionary of English Oxford Dictionary of English v9.1.284

The leading and most trusted single-volume English dictionary is now available for FREE!

* The most comprehensive coverage of English everywhere it’s spoken
* The very latest vocabulary, with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings
* Thousands of words and sentences derived from the latest research of the Oxford English Corpus
* 75,000 audio pronunciations of both common and rare words, including words with controversial or variant pronunciations (Premium only)

Concise Oxford American Thesaurus Concise Oxford American Thesaurus v8.0.251

A convenient and complete thesaurus for school, work, and home, the Concise Oxford American Thesaurus includes more than 12,000 main entries and over 350,000 synonyms, with example sentences and phrases for almost every sense. Synonym Studies that show the subtle differences in meaning among a group of easily confused words are also included. This thesaurus is an essential tool for everyone who needs to write quickly, clearly, and well.

Concise Oxford Thesaurus Concise Oxford Thesaurus v8.0.225

This Concise Oxford Thesaurus is ideal for helping you pinpoint exactly the right word, whether you are writing a letter, preparing a report, composing an essay, writing creatively, or solving a crossword. Over 300,000 alternative words cover everyday vocabulary as well as more unusual and specialist words completed with clear labeling of informal, dialect, literary, and technical items.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary Concise Oxford English Dictionary v8.0.253

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is the most popular dictionary of its kind and is noted for its clear, concise definitions as well as its comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the vocabulary of the English-speaking world. Available in both British & American voice versions, this dictionary consists of over 50,000 audio pronunciations of both common and rare words, including words with controversial pronunciation or with variant pronunciations.

GRAN Diccionari de la llengua catalana GRAN Diccionari de la llengua catalana v8.0.250

El més extens i complet de la llengua catalana. Preu de llançament: 49.99€! (preu del diccionari en paper: 78.00€). Conté 172.000 definicions, frases fetes i locucions. Inclou etimologia, exemples d'ús, verbs conjugats, neologismes, terminologia, partició sil•làbica, prefixos i sufixos, abreviacions i moltes coses més.

Collins German Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged Collins German Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged v8.0.248

The eighth edition of the Collins Complete German Dictionary is designed for advanced learners and professionals using German. This dictionary draws on Collins' unique multi-million word databases of contemporary language to ensure the user has the most complete and accurate picture of real language today.

Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged v8.0.237

“The best and most widely used Spanish-English/ English-Spanish dictionary.” The Independent

Collins Italian Dictionary Collins Italian Dictionary v8.0.247

Collins Italian Dictionary is an up-to-date dictionary and a user-friendly grammar guide.

The dictionary is designed for all intermediate learners of Italian, whether at school, at home, or for business. 90,000 references and 118,000 translations will help those learning Italian take their language skills to the next level.

Collins Cobuild Intermediate Dictionary Collins Cobuild Intermediate Dictionary v8.0.224

The Collins Cobuild Intermediate Dictionary is the perfect language tool for English language learners. The information in this dictionary has been carefully chosen you can succeed as a confident language user and will enable you to write and understand better English.
You will find all the words you need, defined clearly in full sentences completed with:

* 17,000 headwords
* 63,000 references
* 25,000 examples

İngilizce Sözlük İngilizce Sözlük v1.0.2

Çevrimdışı İngilizce-Türkçe, Türkçe-İngilizce sözlük. 100 binden fazla kelime ve anlamını barındıran veritabanıyla, günlük işlerinizde çok yardımcınız olacak her telefonda olması gereken harika bir uygulama!!!

edicpopAND edicpopAND v0.7.1

edicpopAND help read and listening.

Learn language from SUBTITLE Learn language from SUBTITLE v1.0

Make your own dictionaries from your favourite TV series or movie.

Eng To Guj Dictionary + Eng To Guj Dictionary + v2.0.1

This dictionary help to View English word to gujarati meanings. It is much better then other dictionary. You can also listen words. It have 46,000+ word . It has huge collection of words. And Easy to use. And easilt operatable application.

Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture v8.0.248

The premier illustrated architectural dictionary, Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, features 8,000 definitions, 4,000 illustrations, and biographies of hundreds of architects accompanied by classic examples of their work. This new, full-color edition includes terms relating to green, ecological, and sustainable architecture.