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SAM comments, rating, sorting system

1) Why doesn't the SAM client shows the comments posted on the Slideme web site? nor does it support posting comments/ratings using SAM like Android Market?

2) shows the number of downloads per application but the SAM apk doesn't. Is this feature going to be implemented?

3) Some sort of sorting or filtering system on SAM apk based on no of downloads, popularity and other criteria would be useful.

4) Since the paid SAM system already requires user registration. Why don't you integrate it with's user accounts so that users can use one account for both? One very useful feature that can be brought about from the integrated on shared accounts would be to allow user to tag/bookmark specific apk on the web site using a computer, and then he can login using his phone and install them without browsing the entire catalog again!!!!!!!!

5) On emulator, I only see a fraction of the catalog listed on the slideme site. Is there a reason for this?

I don't have a G1 and commenting only based on emulator. I hope these are useful for the next version.

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Free vs paid apk filter

6) filter for paid vs free apks

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