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Daily Haiku Daily Haiku v1.9.0


NEW - Publish your own haikus!

Daily fresh poems, collected from many sources for you. Updated everyday
- Create user profile and publish your own haikus
- Settings for the real haiku enthusiasts. Display syllable counts.
- Strict mode for displaying only 5/7/5 poems.
- Random Haiku Generator will let you generate your own Haikus.
- Haiku 101, Learn how to start writing your own Haiku poems.
- Share the best Haiku poems with your friends and loved ones.
- Text-to-speech, let the Haiku read the poem to you.
- Use widget to see daily haikus on your home screen.
Haiku (HI-coo) is a poetic form and a type of poetry. Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful and compact form. Haiku poets write about everyday things, such as nature, feelings, or experiences.

the wind of Mt. Fuji
I've brought on my fan!
a gift from Edo

v 1.9.0 (3/2/2012)
- Major UI changes, much easier to use
- Create a user profile and post your own poems.
v 1.6.1 (5/18/2011)
- Syllable counter, 5/7/5 strict haiku settings.
- New icon
v 1.4.0 (10/25/2010)
- Full widget support
- Random haiku generator
- Haiku 101, haiku learning school
v 1.3.0 (10/10/2010)
- Widget support (Beta)
v 1.2.0 (10/3/2010)
- Menu option for sharing haikus with your friends
- Add author information to poems if available
- New fresh sources for haikus


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Daily Haiku
Daily Haiku
Daily Haiku
Daily Haiku
Daily Haiku
Daily Haiku


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