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Ascii Wars Ascii Wars v1.04

Fight for the
Destroy the evil
that threatens it.

Shared Planning Shared Planning v2.0

Shared Planning is the Student's App. If you are a student, this is your app!

Where We Live Where We Live v1.0

Where We Live - A story book for kids

Go Viral! Go Viral! v1.0.2

It's time to Go Viral!

1234! 1234! v1.0.9

- It's happy to make rectangle!

On the island:match 3 On the island:match 3 v1.0.2

Embark on a magical island to seek adventure game genre - match 3!

Gravity Box Gravity Box v1.0.1

Gravity Box is a platformer where you can switch direction of gravity.
You need reach the green gates to complete level.

Neon Cubed Neon Cubed v1.0.6

Collect as many points as possible, get as far as you can, don't get REKT!

Sorte Grande Sorte Grande v2.3.4

Suas apostas das loterias Lotofácil, Mega-sena, etc. checadas automaticamente

iFishing Saltwater 2 iFishing Saltwater 2 v1.7

Go saltwater fishing in this iFishing spinoff

Super Chain Reaction Super Chain Reaction v1.9

Create a chain reaction completing as many levels as possible!

Net Tarot Net Tarot v1.0

A Four players 'french' Tarot card game.

Drift And Furious Drift And Furious v1.1

Drift and Furious - Drive your car as fast as you can!

Warguncard Warguncard v1.1.2

WARGUNCARD is a more aggressive variation of the popular card game War.

Soggy Medieval Castles Soggy Medieval Castles v1.0

Roll, jump, shoot and get 3 stars!

Stefano The Boss Stefano The Boss v1.0

A multiple level Game. Can you help Stefano the boss collect all the stars, kill the baddies, score the highest and then advance to the next level?

Fight Checker 3D Fight Checker 3D v1.0

this is a board game in korea.

push checkers, hit another checkers.

Hungry Fish 3 Hungry Fish 3 v1.0.1

The water is warm, the sun is shining, and the shark's hunger is unstoppable.
Race through the ocean, take flight with your jetpack and eat!
Amazing gameplay, one button control, grow indefinitely.

Rollin Timmy Rollin Timmy v1.6

Help Timmy get coins rolling down the hill. Tap to jump and avoid the obstacles!

Betaface Face Recognition Betaface Face Recognition v1.0

Cloud powered face recognition tool in your pocket!