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Hatch a Dragon Hatch a Dragon v1.0.0

Hatch a Dragon is a very addictive match-3 game!

Drag a row up and down or a column left and right to match 3 or more same dragon's eggs to clear them!

Raccoon Raccoon v1.0

Collect coins, destroy enemy and unlock levels in this beautiful 2D platformer.

Bob The Bubble Bob The Bubble v1.0

Easy to control, hard to play!
Jump on the platforms and show your agility.

Hardest Jump Hardest Jump v1.0.0

Hardest Jump is a physics based platform jumping game. The hardest game level ever created!

Five minutes: To Escape Five minutes: To Escape v1.0

Get out now!

Happy Fishing Happy Fishing v1.0.0

Happy Fishing is a funny spear fishing game with multiple levels for everyone(children and adults).

X-Drops Secret Lab X-Drops Secret Lab v1.1

Group drops of the same color together and collect them.

Rainbow Rotors Rainbow Rotors v1.00

Make each row a single colour of the rainbow with red at the top and violet at the bottom by rotating blocks.

Small Boy Factory Escape 2 Small Boy Factory Escape 2 v1.0.0

Small Boy Factory Escape 2 is a point and click escape game from escapegamesdaily.

Reindeer Run Reindeer Run v1.0

Join the little reindeer on its crazy journey and help santa

Jumpy Ape Joe Jumpy Ape Joe v1.0.0

Jumpy Ape Joe and friends jump around the jungle of Monkey Kong to get bananas.

Вторжение медуз Вторжение медуз v1.0.0

Jellyfish have attacked the bay.Come together with Captain Jack and save the sea

Jobs Jobs v1.0

Looking for a job?? Need employees?? Post or view job ads for free...

Aboriginal Man Rescue Aboriginal Man Rescue v1.0.0

Aboriginal Man Rescue is a point and click escape game developed by Games2Jolly Team.

QS-Hotspot Tether QS-Hotspot Tether v2.0

Note: Only stock Android phones and many root phones has the hotspot capability. Most carrier phones do not.

Quick Shortcut (QS) apps allow you to launch various Android setting pages, or application pages, fast and easy. Rather than tapping through multiple setting screens to get there, use Quick Shortcut apps with one tap. Put shortcuts on your home screen or arrange them into folders. Customize your Android device desktop as you wish.

Bleb Bleb v0.3

Love puzzles with physics? Then you here!

Escalero Escalero v1.5

Escalero is a dice game inspired from the card game poker.

Alien Robot Escape Alien Robot Escape v1.0.0

Alien Robot Escape is another one point and click escape game developed by Games2Jolly Team.

The Vision (Mere Reflections #3) The Vision (Mere Reflections #3) v1.0

Wisdom to Find Success in Life (Inspirational Self-Help Book)

PhotoSquared PhotoSquared v1.0

Print, Order and Get Squared Quality Photos from your Smartphone and Instagram with PhotoSquared. The PhotoSquared app allows you to print 8x8” photos from your phone onto high-resolution foam-core PhotoSquares that stick to your walls.