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Talking Baby Boy Talking Baby Boy v1.2

The best app ever. Talking Baby Boy talks to you, dances, laughs, plays, cries & farts :)

Match Block Match Block vv7

Match Block is a fun and challenging action and mind puzzle game.

Doggy Derby Doggy Derby vv4

Race your doggy in the World Doggy Derby Championships.

Drive 'n' Park Drive 'n' Park v1.0

Drive 'n' Park through scenic environments. Enjoy challenging levels, test your skills and have fun!

Naughty Kitty Run Naughty Kitty Run v1.0.1

Make your Naughty Kitty Run and jump on platforms to collect coins

Floppy Frog Floppy Frog v1.0.3

From the makers of 'Flapping Bird'. How high can Floppy Frog climb? Super-addictive and super-fun.

Ugly Puklins Ugly Puklins v1.0

Flick your ugly little Puklins across hazard-laden arenas and get them to their gooey target! Progress through ever-more-challenging levels in the quest to gain the ultimate high score in this crazy endless flicker!

Blood Zombie Blood Zombie v1.0.21

Shoot zombies to save the world!

One hundred years after human won the Zombie War, the zombies who have been hibernating stage a comeback. Now, it's time to equip your weapon, and fight against with zombies!

Math Begins Math Begins v1.1

"Math Begins" is a set of math training exercises and arithmetic drills.

Chaos and Mayhem Chaos and Mayhem v1.1.0

Chaos and Mayhem is an addictive puzzle game. The gameplay is easy to learn so it is suitable for kids and adults. Your mission is to get the red vehicle out of the puzzle.

Fruit Slasher Fruit Slasher v1.0.0.0

Slice the fruits. Watch out for TNT.

Balls World Balls World v1.0.1s

Are you looking for a fun, original and free game? Try BALLS WORLD. MATCH 3 & BURST and you will have a lot of fun!

Zombie Mania Zombie Mania v1.1

Are you up for some crazy zombie action in this cute drag-racing game?

Lolita Dress Up Lolita Dress Up v1.0

Lolita fashion is defined as a street style comes from Japan, but under the influence of fashion styles from the Queen Victoria of England in the 17th century, and is decorated with sophisticated patterns as Rococo style of the 18th century.

Sketch Assault Sketch Assault v1.1

Defend your fortress from enemy attacks for as long as you can, and get the highest possible score, in this endless action shooting game.

Whack a Robot Whack a Robot v0.1.12

★ Is a casual fair game like whack a mole, with excellent steampunk graphics

Bubble Archery Bubble Archery v1.4

Bubble Archery - a bow and arrow game where your target is to shoot the bubbles.

Ghost Hunter X Ghost Hunter X v1.02

Dracula, Chinese ghost, zombies are coming up!
Attack the weakness of ghost

Raccoon'sEleven Raccoon'sEleven v1.0

You as Raccoon, should lead your team. You have two main partners, Monkey and Zebra.
You and your partners lost everything because of Piggy the banker. You should get your money back from Piggy's banks.

Multi Breaker Multi Breaker v1.1.7

Multi Breaker or the art of breaking bricks faster than his opponent!
Download the N°1 of bricks breaker for FREE!