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Little Demolition Little Demolition v1.3

The best explosive puzzle game where you have to destroy everything!

Swap Escape Swap Escape v1.0.0

Physic puzzle mind game swap between 2 object

Bounce N Bang Bounce N Bang v1.34

Get ready to destroy enemy's territory with just a cannon , a free brain game.

Color Scape Color Scape v1.0

Color Scape is a puzzle game where you need to color physical objects using your finger.

Amazing Breaker Amazing Breaker v1.0

Amazing Breaker is a very atmospheric and colorful android game in which there is no dizzying plot, but it has enough puzzles and tasks that will surely make your brain tense.

Tomb of King Tomb of King v1.1

Tomb of King is simple and fun puzzle game

A-Maze-Ball A-Maze-Ball v2.3.2

A Maze Ball is an addictive and challenging time based maze game.

A-Maze-Ball A-Maze-Ball v2.3.2

A Maze Ball is an addictive and challenging time based maze game.

Physics Ball Physics Ball v1.1.0

Physics Ball is a fun and challenging physics-based puzzle/brain game that will have you addicted to beating that next level.

Ball Pass Ball Pass v1.0.2

Explore over 60 bouncy levels filled with logic riddles,packed puzzles and plenty of fun challenges.
It’s super addictive !-Try it out today!

Pixel Castle Pixel Castle v1.1.0

Pixel Castle is a perfect game to battle with your friends or challange yourself!

Heart Box Heart Box v0.1.3

Meet the new funny physical puzzle "Heart Box" with a little robot named Robby!

3D Arcade Ball 3D Arcade Ball v1.07.7

3D arcade ball free is a complete 3D world full of amazing 43 puzzles


Crisscross and weave your way through the world of lost.

Bleb Bleb v0.3

Love puzzles with physics? Then you here!

Circuit Bounce Circuit Bounce v1.0

An addictive ball game which makes you stick to your mobile screens.

Wear Maze Wear Maze v1.0

Maze Game for Android Wear

MaMe MaMe v1.1

Save all the Peas in this amazing toilet game!

Circle Smiles Circle Smiles v2.2

Circle Smiles - fun physics puzzler

Bit9 Bit9 v1.1

Tap the screen if the ball is above the arrow to change movement direction.