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SlideGuard - SlideME's Shopper Guarantee

SlideGuard is a payment process that assures customers sensitive information is not at risk from being distributed.

How do we achieve this?

The best way is to limit any potential fraudulent activity, is to reduce the amount of times your credit card or sensitive information is requested. Therefore, not asking you the shopper for entering any such personal information from your mobile handset is an extra precautionary step.

As a shopper all you need to do is to, register your payment methods either a credit/debit card or any of the alternative methods SlideME supports. Once registered, we will only process such a future order against this registered payment method upon your request. Every time you request to initiate a purchase, you will simply need to enter your login credentials to authorize SlideME to process a transaction like a key or PIN to execute the order.

If you happen to misplace or have your handset stolen, your account and login are still protected with this extra login step.

The Shoppers Guarantee also protects your applications and content you have purchased for your handset. If you replace your mobile device for whatever reason, simply contact us to allow you to download the applications again you have purchased and we will also prevent any of the applications to launch on lost device that have been protected with SlideLock.

As an added value, all customers receive the Shopper Guarantee. This guarantees shoppers that they will either receive their digital downloads via SAM, or they will receive their money back. This guarantee can increase customer confidence in purchasing from SlideME's services.

SlideME has partnered with Retail Decisions (ReD), a world leader in credit card fraud prevention, in order to combat fraud and further reduce chargebacks.

Please feel free to contact our team for any comments, suggestions you may have.