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Maze Land 3D Maze Land 3D v3.2

Find the way to the exit gate, Don't forget the Gate Key.

Word Connect Word Connect v1.0

This is most entertaining & addictive word puzzle game ever.

Words Unscramble Words Unscramble v1.9.4

For fans of words-search games and puzzle-games, try the latest words-game where you unscramble tiles of letter to find the mystery words. Drag and drop the letters to uncover all the words from the in-game dictionary of over 5000 English words. Can you solve all the puzzles and find all the words?

WordSearch Tablet Free WordSearch Tablet Free v3.1.2

Sharpen your language skills by spotting and finding words. You may even learn some sophisticated and uncommon words as you play. With the easy-to-use interface, the game offers plenty of options and a dictionary containing over 10,000 English common and uncommon words. You can change some of the graphics elements. For example, you can select the tile-sets and colors from several provided by the app to create interesting visual that fits your taste.

Play Smart Anagram Play Smart Anagram v1.09.11

A picture or a question appears and you have to put letters in the correct order to find the answer.

Play Smart Guess Play Smart Guess v1.08.24

Guess the correct answer among 6 choices including text or pictures.

Crossword Crossword v1.05

Free English Crossword puzzle game for everyone based on different themes.

Match the Letter Match the Letter v1.1.0

Match The Letter is an educational picture & sound game that helps kids learn the alphabet and grow kids IQ faster with fun filled word games.

Match The Letter game features intuitive pictures to help kids get and have the best educational material at their disposal.

deCODE deCODE v1.0

'deCODE' is an android puzzle game, where a 4 letter code from 6 letters (A, B, C, D, E, F) is set by the system.

Wordimals Wordimals v2.0.1

Join the Wordimals on an epic trek to boggle your brain with a fun word search!

Word Search Puzzles Word Search Puzzles v1.5

Have a good time playing with the words search free and endless

All Mixed Up All Mixed Up v1.1.0

All Mixed Up is the simplest yet the most addictive word game ever! Your only objective in the game is to find a meaningful four letter word from the given four letters.

iKnow iKnow v2.1

iKnow — game for the whole family, where you have to guess the word shown in pictures.

Crossword Investigators Crossword Investigators v1.6

Your task is to solve the crossword puzzle! (This is not just a usual crossword game!)

Word search Word search v2.1

Word Search - the new free word search puzzle game in English.

Drop the Alphabet Drop the Alphabet v1.1

Game that requires forming words on the fly. Can you handle this?

My Word Search World My Word Search World v1.0

Do you like word search games? Find more than 1000 words by solving category based puzzle. Slide your finger over them and get all 5 stars for finding 10 words in 12 categories and 12 crazy challenges!

Word Junkie Word Junkie v1.1.3

Word Junkie is the fun mind game that will test your spelling and logic.

Spelling Master Spelling Master v2

Welcome to a Spelling Master, a new educational game for all ages that will improve your English spelling skills in an entertaining and challenging way! The game is 100% free and does not contain any In-App purchases! Go for highscores!

Guess Animals Guess Animals v5

How many animals will you find in this new entertaining word search game? Guess Animals is a new highscores spelling game in which you must create animal names from the provided letters by rearranging them! Go for highscores!