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LogPi Calc LogPi Calc v1.0

Scientific calculator with 50 functions.

Ram Booster Ram Booster v1.0

Tired of device running too slow, here is the solution to optimize your phone

A+ VCE A+ VCE v3.10.1

The Android VCE Exam Files player.

Enregistrer appel Enregistrer appel v1.0

application simple qui permet d'enregistrer vos appels téléphonique automatiquement dans un fichier audio.

units converter units converter v1.0

Units Converter is a simple and very easy unit converter. It is also very useful at the same time. It contains all common conversions.

BA BA v1.0

Bloquer appel et SMS une application qui permet de bloquer des contacts indésirable.

ElephantBrain ElephantBrain v1.0.2

Save some quick notes.

SeismicHazard SeismicHazard v1.0

Aid worker ? Building (Civil) Engineer ? Earthquake relief NGO or volunteer? Then this app is for you. It calculates Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA), Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) and it's effects in seconds. Share short report across text, chat or social app.Generate detailed report.

ControlYourChild ControlYourChild v1.0

Watch and control remote PC on your android device

Chemical Compatibility Chemical Compatibility v1.0

Find the correct Chemical and Material compatibility

Print from Android Print from Android v1.18

Print PDF documents, Office, OpenOffice, txt and all kind of images.

SwipeTask SwipeTask v1.01

SwipeTask is a simple, cloud-enabled todo app with an easy to use interface.

App Habits App Habits v1.2.5

Know your time, improve your life. App Habits

Print from Android Trial Print from Android Trial v1.11

Print PDF documents, Office, OpenOffice, txt and all kind of images.
Full version with ads.

Bauskript Site Journal Bauskript Site Journal v1.7

Die Bauskript Bautagebuch App dient bauleitenden Architekten, Ingenieuren und Bauunternehmen für die Dokumentation der Baustellenbegehungen. Alle wichtigen Daten, Ereignisse und dazugehörige Baustellenfotos werden mit dieser App erfasst, ausgewertet und zu fertigen Berichten zusammengefasst. Diese können als HTML Email direkt aus dem mobilen Gerät verschickt werden.

Text Bangla Text Bangla v1.1

Type and Read Bangla in any Android device without root!!!

TempusBasic: Vacation time FREE EDITION TempusBasic: Vacation time FREE EDITION v1.2

You may keep records of your holidays and share them with friends and family.

Diamond Calculator Diamond Calculator v21

• Scientific Calculator with Diamond
• Unlimited decimal places
• Keys and Background you can configure to your liking.
• Features Cats, Diamonds, Transparent and normal keys.

Color Scheme Builder Color Scheme Builder v1.0

Color Scheme Builder (PRO) is a tool that will help you to build amazing color schemes for your projects. An ideal tool for designers, programmers or artists..!

A+ Major System A+ Major System v1.3

A+ Major System helps you to boost your memory for remembering any numbers - including very long numbers - by using the powerful and proven technique called "Major System" (also called "mnemonic major system"). Amazing memory feats can be achieved once you have mastered the Major System.

This app is one of the best Major System apps available on the Android platform today.