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CoinTicker Mobile Free CoinTicker Mobile Free v1.2

CoinTicker Mobile silver coin calculator calculates the total value of silver coins in your collection based on the current spot silver price.

eChing Lite eChing Lite v1.4.5

eChing - electronic iChing

I-Ching Oracle, kind of a Chinese horoscope, or better an advisor, a decision helper in the constant change of life.

You ask a question, press the yin yang button and receive an answer!

The core of the eChing are small, modern and funny oracle texts, instead of the classic translation.

It is a tribute to Dirk Gently
from the books of Douglas Adams.

Body Builder Body Builder v1.0

Start building your body today and before you notice you will lose weight and see the physical results. Track your trainings, learn new stuff, combine and create food you love. With body builder app you‘ll never be bored jogging again cause app will monitor every step you take like a personal trainer. You don’t have to be great to start you have to start to be great.

FacebookFriendsTracker FacebookFriendsTracker v1.0

Facebook Friends Tracker, Trace your friends evry where !

PlanYourBudget PlanYourBudget v2.1

Your suggestions are welcome :) , please contact us :

Have you ever needed something to plan your budget and control your daily spending ?

PlanYourBudget is a great and easy to use application that's will help you manage and control your spending.

Fantacalcio Fantacalcio v2.0.2.2

Do you want play Magic Italian Seria A on your Android Phone? This application is for you. Configure one or more team, select the formation, choice players with quotes always update (from Gazzetta dello Sport), deploy your holders and bench and compute the score with bonus and malus. This application allow you to do this.

Weather Alarm Weather Alarm v1.30

Real-time prediction of an incoming rainfall on your current location.

Weather Alarm is an application which runs in a background and warns you of an incoming precipitation, especially storms and hail.
Our main algorithm is based on real-time calculations of radar images of selected country and runs on our servers.

That give us ability to predict direction and speed of surrounding precipitation for a proximately 2 hours ahead.

All in 1 Converter All in 1 Converter v1.6

this is all in 1 converter. it convert various unit of type such as length,mass,volume,speed,temperature,torque,current,tip .

3D Landscape Flight 3D Landscape Flight v1.2

Turn your desktop into a beautiful 3D landscape.

Da'Vinci Puzzles Da'Vinci Puzzles v1.1.0

In the Da Vinci Mystery you have to solve various puzzles on the uptake. For convenience they are divided into four categories: logic, math, puzzles MENSA society and history.
* The game has tips that can help you in solving if you are "stuck." Each puzzle has one tip.
* Also, to facilitate solutions and convenience there is a notebook and painter in the game.
* Notepad can be useful to record your thoughts about the decision.
* "Drawer" can help if you want to render the task.

PowerMax PowerMax v1.8.5

PowerMax extends the battery life of your mobile device. Simple to use: just push the button.

Math Equation Solver Math Equation Solver v1.0

Math Equation Solver app can perform calculation of the followings:
Linear Equations of Two, Three, Four unknowns.
Quadratic Equations.
Cubic Equations.
Complex number Multiplication and Division.
Binary to Decimal Conversion.
Decimal to Binary Conversion.
2s complement computation.

Useful for Science and Engineering Students.

eSim eSim v0.33.13320.97569

This App associated to website.
Now you can Play e-sim in your Smart phone or tablet where ever you are.
You can have access to e-sim War Info through eSim app !
pluse , damage and company calculator is Available for MU fighters and Company Managers.
We also put a part for e-sim IRC channel that you can directly connect to #e-sim on Rizon Server to ask your questions or get help directly from e-sim Staff

Fitga Fitga v2.2

All Parameters to know your fitness and Track your progress, BMI, BMR, Ideal weight, Body Fat , Daily Calorie needs and Total body water. Store profiles and Weight daily.

Brain Brain v1.1.9

Do you have "The World's Ultimate Brain"?
In this award winning game you are taken through a variety of mini games where you test your abilities in 4 areas of your brain: Calculation, Memory, Logic and Visual.
Scores from each of these games sum to a total score which represents power of your brain.

MLK • Euromillions MLK • Euromillions v1.6.3

My Lucky Keys is an application designed for those players who bet on Euromillions. We hope it brings you as much luck as it brought us. Enjoy this free application, and may the Luck be with you!

Programmer Calculator Programmer Calculator v1.0

A great tool for every programmer. The only one that supports floating point numbers conversion and basic operations for all 4 numeral systems (decimal, binary, octadecimal and hexadecimal).

Energy Costs Calculator Energy Costs Calculator v1.0.6

Do you often wonder which household appliances use so much power? You don't know why your water bill is so high? This free power and water consumption calculator will allow a quick and easy calculation of the consumption of appliances. Just after the installation, the program includes an extensive database of household appliances. You will easily find out which appliances are responsible for your high bills. With many tips.

Discount Me! Discount Me! v1.2

Do you have difficulties calculating the final price of an item after discounts and taxes, or if you just want the result faster than calculating it in your mind? Then Discount Me! is your new best friend. Just enter the amount and discounts' percentage and it will automatically tell you the final price and the amount you've saved.

+ Detailed Reports screen
+ Detailed Settings screen

VolumeCalc VolumeCalc v1.1

Calculate Volume and Surface Area for heaps of 3D Shapes!