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Pig Attack Pig Attack v1.0

Pig Attack is a fun splat the flying pig game. see how many you can get with your limited lives.

Big Fernand Big Fernand v1.0.5

Burger is coming back! This time with a French Touch!

Once again, the famous Magma Mobile burger-serving game is coming back for your best enjoyment!

Shuffle Match Shuffle Match v1.0

Fun memory matching for all ages

EatingCoin EatingCoin v1.0.4

This game is game to get a high score.

FlyAngel FlyAngel v1.0.7

This game is dodge game from enemy attack during 100 seconds

Eggs - Owls Eggs - Owls v1.5

Ullo the owl has fallen from its nest. Can you keep it in flight and avoid the eggs? After all, no owl would want to be pelted with its youngs' corpses. Feed your owl the bees that appear on screen and build up your score. Use the accelerometer to manoeuvre your owl and tap the screen to make your owl fly higher.

Can you eat enough bee and avoid enough eggs to build up a formidable highscore?


The Typist Ad-Free The Typist Ad-Free v1.1

See how fast you can type with a quick typing test! The Typist: Quick Typing Tests includes 10 different typing tests, with options for 1, 2, or 3 minute tests. Features automatic saving of your test results so you can see your progress, leaderboards/high score list support, and test result details (words per minute, errors, letters with the most errors). Improve your typing speeds with The Typist!

Little Puppy Little Puppy v1.5

Create the perfect atmosphere for your dog by choosing different background colors and themes. You can also play dress up with your dog.

Greedy Squirrel Greedy Squirrel v1.1

This greedy squirrel loves candy! How many sweet treats can you help your fury friend collect?

Hardcore Memory Game Hardcore Memory Game v1.0.1

Take ultimate challenge for your brains with this awesome small game!

4spiders 4spiders v1.0.6

Afraid of bugs? meet the new way to fight bugs. Help spiders shoot-down bugs before they reach the candy. A good casual game to spend time.

Party Balloons Party Balloons v1.0

Party Balloons is fun packed game that will challenge champion inside you!

Happy Chick - Flying Game Happy Chick - Flying Game v3.1.4

Happy Chick - Flying Game

Postal Service Postal Service v1.27

A funny arcade game. Try to have time to immerse all the packages into trucks.

FF Tapper FF Tapper v1.0.3

Gigio is working a lot in the new restaurant but he can't serve all customers.

He got in trouble and needs your help!

Can you help him?

How to play:
▪ tap the food dispenser to serve the customers
▪ wait for the money :)

Kikis Fashion Picks Kikis Fashion Picks v1.0.0

Welcome to our new fashion game – Kiki’s Fashion Picks. You are Kiki, an aspiring fashion designer and you have to get your style on and make sure you get your outfits noticed.

Tap And Furious Tap And Furious v1.0.8

TAF is a fun and addictive game. The objective is to destroy hordes of insects!

Bubble Shoot Bubble Shoot v1.0.9

Bubble Shoot all day long !

With Bubble Shoot, you will given the opportunity to play a classic bubble shooting game in a brand new 3D tropical environment!

Birdie Hop-Hop Birdie Hop-Hop v1.3

Guide the birds to cross the sea...

Dafox Dafox v1.0.2

Run, Run, Run!

Run for your life and the future of your forest. In this epic HD graphics platformer, your objective will be to run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles and enemies and fight the Kingdom’s Queen.