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VHitz VHitz v1.0.0

FM 95.5 top 10 songs from Virgin Hitz Music station in Thailand.
Add radio live Channel.

Text To Speech Text To Speech v1.1

Text To Speech App With Pitch, Speed Control, Multiple Languages, Save To SD Card, Slick And Easy To Use Interface etc...

Xmas Joker Xmas Joker v1.0

Xmas Joker is the convenient viewer and sender of funny Christmas jokes.
You can have fun with viewing
* droll Santa Claus pictures and photos,
* witty Xmas cartoons,
* amusing Christmas stories,
* festive questions & answers,
* how to confuse Santa,
* Xmas laughable poems.

PhotoSpotLite PhotoSpotLite v1.6

PhotoSpot gets you rich information about all pictures you take like:
- Date and Time
- Location / Address / Lat / Lon
- Weather at the moment you take the pictures

MOKO MOKO v1.5.9

MOKO,most famous for its vast amount of models, is a social platform targeted for professional models, actress, dancer, stewardess etc. see http://www.moko.cc/ for more information.

Yo Mamma Yo Mamma v1.10

The best Yo' Mama Jokes app on the market, use it even when you have no data connection! Also send your favorite jokes via text message.

Random Facts Random Facts v1.60

Random Facts has over 25,000 facts! Add the widget to your home screen or lock screen for easy access.

Confucius Say... Jokes Confucius Say... Jokes v1.11

Confucius Say, The funniest Confucius Say jokes around.
Contains dirty jokes...

Blonde Jokes Blonde Jokes v1.05

Blonde Jokes has the funniest Blonde jokes.From blonde stories, to classic dumb blonde.Get Blonde Jokes today! No internet required. C'mon who doesn't like a good dumb blonde joke?

Now you can share your favorite jokes via text message, email, or twitter!

TennisTemple TennisTemple v1.2

- 三磷酸腺苷與
- 所有結果
- 球迷社區
- 投注比賽

All Video Download All Video Download v1.5

Application to search for different video on the Internet. For you when searching for crawls millions of terabytes of data.
For any information on your device is not responsible developers of the software. Use with pleasure! Good luck.

RockPlayer RockPlayer v1.6.3

RockPlayer is an optimized video player for android system.It support almost all popular video format and has a realy fast rendering engine.
RockPlayer uses FFmpeg as its video decoder under permission of LGPL.

Karaoke Now! Karaoke Now! v1.027

Karaoke Now! is the First MP3+G® Karaoke Player for Android. Over 40,000 songs to choose from online or supply your own third party songs.

Jolly Jokes Pro Jolly Jokes Pro v1.0

Tired of being bored on the bus to work?
Want to hear a joke to brighten your day?
Want to make your friends laugh?
Then Jolly Jokes is your new favorite application on your phone/mobile!

Jolly Jokes is an application providing you with endless jokes and laughs. Just download and push the arrow to read a new joke!!

Κρητικά Κέντρα Κρητικά Κέντρα v1.0

An easy to use application that promotes the best Cretan Taverns in Athens

Stars Runner Stars Runner v1.5

Infinite trip thru space.
Live wallpaper.
FULL featured now for FREE!

Flex Dice 3D Flex Dice 3D v2.3

More then just roll 3d dices BUT create ones with your OWN design (skin) based on contacts or photos on your phone.
Share your skins and load ones created by others.
Have unlim. number of dices and roll up to 6 at the same time.
To roll just shake or swipe.
Lots of shared skins: decision makers, Christmas dice.. more to go.
Use built in set of dices, advisers (trader, HR, baby gender ..), make own ones e.g. who is next..

NES-Controller NES-Controller v1.01

This is a Gamepad/Gamecontroller/Joystick for Windows.It emulates a Joystick so you can use it in every game.

To make it work you have to install PPJoy and GamePadService on your windows pc.
For more information see our blog http://www.banamalon.net
(videos available)

Contact me if there are any problems/suggestions

WhatsUp WhatsUp v1.0

Find Out What events are happening in the Uk, The Best Parties or club nights to go to. You can also add your promotion to the WhatsUp app by adding "Promotor Daddychri" to your face book and sending your event as an invite.

Green Screen Green Screen v1.3.6

Green Screen is a funny application for your Android mobile phone that allows you to create, in real-time, the "Chroma Key" or "Green Screen" effect when you are taking a photo. The Chroma Key is an effect often used in movies, interviews and weither forecast broadcasts, where someone (e.g. the meteorologist) stands in front of a green/blue screen, and then a picture (e.g. the weather map) is added on those parts in the image where the color is green/blue.