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Photo History Photo History v1.0

Photo History is an image viewer and slideshow player app. With this you can view your photos from your mobile on map where you took it. This is necessary for telling a story of your vacation! :)


the app of dutch assaults gamine entertainment!
you can also find us on http://www.dutchassaults.cz.cc/

Light Grid Light Grid v3.2 - Theme Sharing (Import/Export)!

A live wallpaper which displays a grid of lights fading in and out. Customize the size, colors, and speeds to your liking!

Light Grid Pro Light Grid Pro v5.0 - New Year 2012

A live wallpaper which displays a grid of lights fading in and out. Completely customize the shapes, colors, and speeds!

Atlantic Raid Atlantic Raid v1.0

AtanticRaid is a shoot'em up similar to old Arcade Classic Game 1942. You can play it for free. Any hints are welcome. The game can be played by an OnScreenControl, by tapping on the screen navigating the plane to your tapping position and by rolling/pitching the phone.

Please contact me my email for hints and feedback.

Halloween Kit Full Halloween Kit Full v1.1.3

With Halloween Pumpkin Kit you can create awesome pumpkin for Halloween !

Flickr Droid Flickr Droid v2.4.0

A fully-featured Flickr app. Browse your photos, favorites, collections, sets, and contacts. Edit comments, save images, and set wallpaper. Upload saved photos, take photos on the fly and upload!

Flickr Droid (Lite) Flickr Droid (Lite) v2.5.0

The Lite version of a fully-featured Flickr app. Browse your photos, favorites, collections, sets, and contacts. Full version lets you edit comments, save images, set wallpaper, upload saved photos, take photos on the fly, and much more!

Halloween Pumpkin Kit Lite Halloween Pumpkin Kit Lite v1.1.4

Create a greeting card for Halloween and send it to your friends!

Bluff My Call Bluff My Call v2.3

Bluff My Call allows you to have any number appear on your Caller ID, Change your Voice, Record your Calls and more.

Caller ID Faker Caller ID Faker v2.4

#1 FREE App to Fake your Caller ID, Change Your Voice, Record your Calls + more!

xLove xLove v1.0

Love Calculator

Halloween Halloween v1.0

Create Your Own Hands Crazy Halloween Wallpaper!

Star Trek Sounds Star Trek Sounds v1.0.1

A collection of over 50 sounds from the Star Trek Series. Sounds can be played directly from the soundboard app or saved as ringtones, notifications, or alarms.

The sounds come primarily from TOS and TNG but also includes a clip from Enterprise.

To save sound or set as alarm, long-click the button. App to SD enabled.

Horror Movie Sounds Horror Movie Sounds v1.0.1

A sound board app with memorable scary music and phrases and other sounds. Play the sounds directly from the app or save as ringtones or notifications.

Some of the movies include Halloween, Psycho, Friday 13th, Silence of the Lambs, Carrie, Saw, The Exorcist, and others.

Halloween Activities Halloween Activities v2.2

10 more activities in v2.1! The most popular halloween activities are presented here. You don't know how to entertain guests? Just click "Random activity" and get one of about 100 activities for adults and children! Or you can search activities which use pumpkin as an equipment:)
Go to our site...

Vampire Rave Mobile Vampire Rave Mobile v1.0

I written this because when I requested a android based Version Cancer informed me that it would be a lot of work to make a app that works on all phones so i decided to take this into my own hands. I have also contacted Cancer and told him about this I am still awaiting his response though.

Phone Chime Phone Chime v3.0

support 2.2

Gmail Photo Gmail Photo v1.0

Welcome to GmailPhoto, GmailPhoto will download
and display your unread gmail attachment photos automatically, so you
can check the gmail attachment photos without your computer. Please
enable IMAP Access before using.

Picasa Photo Picasa Photo v7.0

Welcome to Picasa Photo
This program is to view your photos from your picasa account, you have to login your google account, and grant the permission for the application to access your account data.