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Simply Notify Trial Simply Notify Trial v0.9.3

Display pop up notifications on your device.

My Notes My Notes v1.2.1

My Note Plus (My Notes+) is a popular memo application.

Random Generator Random Generator v1.0.1

Random Generator is a free, fast and friendly application to help you randomly generate numbers, letters, flip a coin, roll a dice, pick a color, make a choice, etc...

Seo tools Seo tools v1.3.0

Google page rank, keyword position tracker, keyword research, serp tracking.

Note widget Note widget v1.3

A simple widget that note. There are many sizes to be installed on the desktop.

Attention! This is a widget. To add to the desktop to hold your finger on the desktop, select add widget.

Regional Codes Regional Codes v1.7

Приложение определяет регион, за которым в России закреплён код на автомобильном номере. С помощью голосового поиска или всего нескольких нажатий вы сможете по коду региона найти субъект федерации РФ, к которому он принадлежит.

Cell Signal Monitor Cell Signal Monitor v5.0

Cell Signal Monitor is an advanced network monitor that helps you to watch the state of cellular network by gathering data about cell towers (cell Id, LAC, MNC, MCC, signal strength etc.).

TrackPost TrackPost v1.0.1

TrackPost is the application to track the status of the mail for residents of the Russian Federation.

Changing the status of shipments monitored by a special server. Information is loaded with Mail servers Russia.

My Internet Status My Internet Status v1.0

MISS – My Internet StatuS helps you monitor the status of your internet connection and get notified when you lose connectivity to take actions. Never miss any important email, message, chat message or any update you are waiting urgently, due to internet connection loss. Get notified via notification of the status change, and customize your notification.

MISS monitors the status of the actual internet connection and not only active WIFI network or data connection such as 3G 4G and others.

Wi-Fi File Sender Wi-Fi File Sender v4.10

A tiny program for files and directories transfer via WiFi

G-NetLog (trial) G-NetLog (trial) v1.0

This is a fieldtest/netmonitor application for UMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA/EVDO network. This is same as G-NetTrack Pro, but without map support and is suitable for devices without Google Play services.
G-NetLog (trial) is trial version of G-NetLog which runs for limited time.

Search Petition Search Petition v1.0

Purpose :
Search open signable petitions to White House by Petition Title word search. Get and share details via any text, chat or social app.Generate Report Complements our 'search by petition id' app:'Petition Track'

Petition Track Petition Track v1.0

Search White House Petition by ID. Example ID:50cb6d2ba9a0b1c52e000017 , Track your petition. Find and share via any social, text or chat apps:
1.Petition Title
2.Petition Message (Body)
3.Number of Signature
4.Reply URL
Generate Report of searches

NFC Tag App Launcher NFC Tag App Launcher v5.11 build 20181014

NFC TAG App & Tasks launcher

KUMAMON's Balloon Memo KUMAMON's Balloon Memo v1.0.0

This is a memo pad app for taking memos with text and images just like “WhatsApp”, “MSN”, “Viber”, “WeCat”, “LINE”, “Kakao talk”, “Kik” of the text messenger you are accustomed to. Incorporated "Kumamon" as the motif to help mostly for female users to enjoy the app.

Quick RxNorm Quick RxNorm v1.0

Are you a Hospital, pharmacy, or other organization which use computer systems to record and process drug information ? Get, Share and generate report of drugs Full RxNorm Name, RxNorm Synonym, UMLSCUI Code and Attribute TTY Based on National Library of Medicine data.
What is Rx Norm: The goal of RxNorm is to allow computer systems to communicate drug-related information efficiently and unambiguously.

Contact Manager Contact Manager v1.0.2

Backup you contact

Multi Measures Multi Measures v1.0.3

Multi Measures is a swiss-army-knife set of handy and elegant measuring tools, including: compass, decibel, teslameter, metronome, stopwatch, timer, seismometer, plumb bob, surface level, spirit level, ruler and protractor.

NEO Bookmark NEO Bookmark v1.3.0

Recognizing Internet Bookmarks at a glance !! Web surfing is more easier !! Annoying Browsers off is auto !!

HereIAm! HereIAm! v1.1

Has it ever happened with you that you left your phone somewhere and you are flooded with missed calls from your near and dear ones? They are worried and sometimes clueless of you being safe. HereIAm! is a smart app that responds to your missed calls based on your preferences via SMS.