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Awesome Builder Awesome Builder v1.1.293

You're awesome builder! Build the highest tower of the city. Show your friends that you're the best! :)

This is cartoon style physics puzzle game with realistic physics. Play with pleasure ;)

See updates and details at:

Ninepin Bowling Ninepin Bowling v1.96

The ultimate fun with Nine-pins
Watch out Ninepin fans!

Magic Blocks Magic Blocks v2.2

Do you like logic games and puzzles? Playing Magic Blocks you have to show your reaction and concentration.

Jacks Jacks v0.8

Jacks is an addictive game of quickly picking up given numbers of objects. You can play a game in a short time. Develops counting, pattern recognition, and hand-eye coordination. Simple and straightforward, but can be challenging.
Interesting natural and musical background sounds, and a choice of game noises of natural or synthetic origin.

AngryYeti AngryYeti v9.0

It was a sunny day in the Tibetan mountains. A group of yeti's was out playing. When suddenly a group of researchers, saw the yeti's and captured them. An angry yeti known as moody was sleeping near by and was not captured. Moody must know became a hero and rescue his friends.

-Casual game
-Beautiful 2D/3D graphics
-Roll and grow as you gather snow
-Collect wild animals
-Collect exotic tibetan items

Score is based in time you spend playing the game and number of items you collect.

Kids Bricks Kids Bricks v1.2

Kids Bricks

Curling Dumbles Curling Dumbles v1.1.4

Enjoy the new Dumbles adventure. Use the slingshot and green Dumble to guide yellow Dumble to the target.

3D Die 3D Die vDie3D 1.0

An advanced 3D Die model with full response to the device's accelerometers and configurable textures

Gangurru's Walkabout Gangurru's Walkabout v1.0.6

Gangurru's Walkabout is a challenging and fun strategy game for the whole family.
You are a kangaroo exploring the outback. Run, jump and climb to collect all the treasure and avoid the monsters. Use your spears and boomerang to conquer the world and win. Compete against your friends and climb the online leaderboards. Earn achievement points as you complete each of the levels. Use your earned points to unlock extra levels and earn items to help you in your quest.

Bionfly Bionfly v1.2.1

Bionfly is a platforms retro-looking 2D, simple gameplay and a powerful soundtrack Lo-fi!

Power Bubbles Power Bubbles v2.0.5

The classic bubble game with new awesome feature: THE POWER BUBBLE!

Heat Bar Heat Bar v1.0.1

Play the role of a Hot Latina bargirl and serve drinks as quickly and as accurately as they can to the patrons of the bar. The goal of the game is to make as much money as possible before your shift ends.

You can buy upgrades and hot outfits for the bargirl with your cash. Enjoy!

Microbe Match Game Microbe Match Game v1.5

Match up unique microbe characters to improve your memory skills.

Mole Whack Mole Whack v1.0.6

A cute little mole pops up through one of the three holes and the user has to tap him before he goes back down into his hole

BounceAway BounceAway v1.2.3

One ball to bounce them all. Challenging action puzzler with 50 levels.

Feed the Mouse Feed the Mouse v1.0.1

Pull cheese using the bow and throw towards the mouse. The aim is to feed the hungry mouse in as few attempts as possible. The cheese throwing is similar to using slingshot.

Cannonball Command Cannonball Command v1.0

Cannonball Commander is a fun pirate themed game where you shoot a cannonball into a barrel.

Cross Winds Cross Winds v8.0

The goal of the game is to pop the balloon so you can unlock the next level.

Chalky Fish Free Chalky Fish Free v1.05

The best way to put your dexterity and reactions to the test!

Dumbles in space Dumbles in space v1.1.1

Help lost Dumbles find the way home.