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Spiky Tower Spiky Tower v1.0.2

Climb up the tower to set a new highscore and fight your friends in multiplayer.

Bunny Adventure Run Bunny Adventure Run v1.0

The brand new Android game Bunny Adventure Run has landed on Slide Me!

Jump Raiders Jump Raiders v1.0

The great adventure game Jump Raiders: Fipper Adventure is now available on Slide Me.

Freeze Serdito's Freeze Serdito's v1.0

Un juego donde tienes que coger el máximo número de peces. (ten cuidado con los TNT).

Graffiti Grinder Graffiti Grinder v1

Make your mark as you jump, glide and dive through the city, tagging over rival squad graffiti and dodging the Anti-Graffiti squad.

King Kong Runner King Kong Runner v1

The Kong vs Human: Who will win?!

Kabooomm Kabooomm v1.1

a stunning action adventure runner game

Sharky Fun Run Sharky Fun Run v3.0

Fun and entertaining 2d mobile game for Android. It is your job to help the scary shark or fierce blow-fish collect as many green fish as possible.

50 Blocks - Platform Game 50 Blocks - Platform Game v1.0.4

Possibly the worlds hardest physics-based platform game!

Super Pixel World Super Pixel World v3

Fight in this retro platform shooter with pixel graphics

FiCHi FiCHi v1.0

Catch berries! Avoid bombs!

Unicorn Dash Jump Unicorn Dash Jump v1.0.0

A cool running game of the unicorn dash from floating island to floating island. Press to dash forward and up, hold to dash longer and further away.

8-Bit Jump 2 8-Bit Jump 2 v1.02

8bit platform game similar in gameplay style to old sidescrollers.

Unicorn Dash Run HD 3D Unicorn Dash Run HD 3D v1.0.3

Unicorn Dash Run HD 3D let's you run with your unicorn on platforms.

Draggo Fury II Draggo Fury II v1.4

A little dragon was kidnapped by an evil witch and placed in the hostile world.

Miss Jump Adventure Miss Jump Adventure v1.1

Follow Miss Jump on her adventure through worlds of traps.

Mojo Emoji Mojo Emoji v1.2

Join Mojo Emoji on his rescue mission.
Mojo Emoji's cute little pink girl friend got lost in a crazy giant maze build by the ancient Emojis.
Hurry, Maja is in danger and waits for you. Don't be a wimp, be her hero!
Download now and let the fun begin!

Minimal Minimal v1.4

Funny minimalistic jump and run platform . Easy to play, 200+ Levels. Free.

Tsukai Ninja Tsukai Ninja v1.9

Prove your Ninja skills: fight samurai, jump over rocks and slide under dragons.

Ninja Escape Ninja Escape v1.6

Run, jump, and dodge your way through 10+ action-packed levels in this new, highly addictive, action-arcade style side-scroller!