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The Lilac Fairy Book The Lilac Fairy Book v1.0

The Fairy Books, or Coloured Fairy Books is a collection of fairy tales divided into twelve books, each associated with a different colour.

The Sleeper Awakes The Sleeper Awakes v1.0

In the dystopian vision of H. G. Wells' novel The Sleeper Awakes (1910), a man awakes to a London where all he knew has radically changed after his sleep of two hundred and three years.

A Modern Utopia A Modern Utopia v1.0

H. G. Wells' A Modern Utopia is a fusion of fiction and philosophy.

The World Set Free The World Set Free v1.0

The World Set Free is H. G. Wells' prophetic 1914 novel, telling of world war and the advent of nuclear weapons.

The War in the Air The War in the Air v1.0

H. G. Wells' prophetic The War in the Air foretold the use of airplanes in warfare and the coming of World War I.

The Last Man The Last Man v1.0

Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, wrote the apocalyptic novel The Last Man in 1826.

In the Days of the Comet In the Days of the Comet v1.0

H. G. Wells, in his 1906 In the Days of the Comet uses the vapors of a comet to trigger a deep and lasting change in humanity's perspective on themselves and the world.

Villette Villette v1.0

Charlotte Bronte's Villette is the gothic tale of Lucy Snowe, who travels to the fictional town of Villette in Belgium to teach at a girl's school.

The History of Mr. Polly The History of Mr. Polly v1.0

H. G. Wells' comic 1910 novel, The History of Mr. Polly, stars Alfred Polly, a timid man who is more successful at daydreaming than working in the local draper's shops.

Love and Mr. Lewisham Love and Mr. Lewisham v1.0

One of H. G. Wells' first ventures outside of the science fiction realm, the novel Love and Mr. Lewisham was published in the year 1900.

Northanger Abbey Northanger Abbey v1.0

Catherine, a seventeen year old girl, travels with her family to Bath and makes many new acquaintance, including two young men who pursue her.

The Turn of the Screw The Turn of the Screw v1.0

The Turn of the Screw is s ghostly Gothic tale by Henry James.

Lady Susan Lady Susan v1.0

Lady Susan is the only full novel written by Jane Austen that was not published in her lifetime.

The Iron Heel The Iron Heel v1.0

The Iron Heel is a dystopian novel by American writer Jack London, first published in 1908.

Before Adam Before Adam v1.0

In Jack London's 1910 story Before Adam a young boy dreams that he is living the life of an early hominid, giving human evolution an early and entertaining portrayal.

The Sea Wolf The Sea Wolf v1.0

Jack London's novel The Sea Wolf became an instant bestseller on its release in 1904.

Growth of the Soil Growth of the Soil v1.0

Knut Hamsun's novel The Growth of the Soil won the Norwegian writer a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920.

The Phantom of the Opera The Phantom of the Opera v1.0

Christine is brought up by her itinerant musician father, whose death she mourns endlessly.

Far from the Madding Crowd Far from the Madding Crowd v1.0

Far from the Madding Crowd (1874) is the love story between the good shepherd Gabriel Oak and the proud heiress Bathsheba Everdene.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall The Tenant of Wildfell Hall v1.0

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is a novel in three parts, written as a letter from Gilbert Markham to his brother-in-Law.