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Impariamo la Matematica Impariamo la Matematica v1.7

Insegna la matematica ai tuoi bambini usando schede con pallini e numeri. Imparare la matematica è facile con il metodo Glenn Doman!
Flashcards a schermo intero con rappresentazione di numeri ed equazioni in formato numerale o con pallini.
Un calendario di 9 settimane con 3 sessioni giornaliere completamente configurabile.
Registrazione della pronuncia del numero o del simbolo con la tua voce.

CoosiMuseum CoosiMuseum v1.0.7

Here is the ticket for Coosi’s Wonder Museum!

ABC Funny Clouds ABC Funny Clouds v1.2

ABC funny clouds is fun and interactive way for your kid to learn English alphabet.

SolarSystem SolarSystem v1.1.6

Educational application of the solar system. Images of all the planets of the solar system with information. The planets are shown to scale. The distances between the planets are too wide.

Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Saturn, and Uranus.

Animals - Learn and Play Animals - Learn and Play v1.5

A multilanguage educational game for kids with 40 animals classified in six different worlds.

Christmas ABC and coloring Christmas ABC and coloring v2.1

A christmas game for kids, with letters, numbers and christmas coloring pages.

Letters, numbers and colors Letters, numbers and colors v2.0

A free educational game for kids, with abc letters, numbers and colors.

Kids English Kids English v1.0

Here is the very informative application for kids learning. Now your kids can learn English by your mobile at any spare time. Its very easy for them to learn with the help of pictures & sound pronunciation. Its a kids mania! Let the kids learn the way they like.

App Includes:
Illustrative images
Pronunciation of each word or item name
General knowledge
Fruits names
Colors names
Body parts names
households names
vehicles names
Attractive graphics
Very easy to use

Mochu Sky Ranger Mochu Sky Ranger v1.0.2

Learn English, Spanish, French and Italian

Learn multiplication table Learn multiplication table v1.1

Multiplication table. Mathematics.

Умные ляльки - игра для детей Lite Умные ляльки - игра для детей Lite v1.1

Умные ляльки помогут малышу познакомиться с алфавитом, цифрами и голосами животных!

Mochu POP! Mochu POP! v1.2.1

Language Immersion Game - English, Spanish, French, Italian

ABC ABC v1.03

ABC Numbers & Letters for kids - educational game for preschool children

Aquapo PooPoo Aquapo PooPoo v3.5

AQUAPO POO POO is for young children who have a hard time getting used to the potty.

ABC Letters ABC Letters v5.01

Fun way for your kids to learn their alphabet free

Learn Body Parts! Learn Body Parts! v1.3

Friendly educational game for learning body parts by names and pictures

LSubs LSubs v2.4.5

LSubs will help you to learn or improve most of common languages.

Enseñas A Tus Hijos Matemáticas Enseñas A Tus Hijos Matemáticas v1.7

Enseñas A Tus Hijos Matemáticas" es una aplicación no oficial para apoyar al método de Glenn Doman para enseñar matemáticas a su bebé.

Tu hijo verá algunas "cartulinas" virtuales (también llamadas "flashcards"), siguiendo los pasos del mismo método.

Aprender la Matemáticas será fácil y divertido. Mejore su hijos QI!

La mejor aplicación disponible para enseñar matemáticas con el metodo Doman!

GoumySort GoumySort v1.0.6

Based on the famous abacus game, Goumy Sort teaches the youngest how to sort shapes and colors, in an amusing and progressive way.

Jobis Bistro Jobis Bistro v5.0.1

Please come and experience busy Bistro’s daily life with our cute Jobi friends!