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hi dict. hi dict. v1.4

hi dict. is a dictionary especially for those whose in the International Relations field of study(Kamus Hubungan Internasional). hi dict. built in Indonesian language with 611 words and definition.

Kashmir University Kashmir University v2.0

Get latest updates of kashmir university regarding results, date sheets , notifications.

E Handy E Handy v1.0

E Handy is an Engineering Handbook which allows you to carry engineering concepts wherever you go. Specially designed for GTBIT students to provide valuable information on the go.
An android version of GTBIT website with a clean user interface.

Calculus Lite Calculus Lite v0

The Calculus App takes education to a new level by reinterpreting known theories with artistic depictions. Scattered with engineered interactivity and reinforced with fully illustrated practice questions, the Calculus App presents a new educational paradigm that will enrich the learning experience of our knowledge-seeking audience.

If you like this app please leave a comment on the App store. We are working to bring you the full version soon!

Foreign Internship Foreign Internship v1.0

Everything about foreign summer internships for undergraduate engineering students.

Octigo Octigo v1.0.4

More than 50 articles, lessons, more than 70 questions and answers, more than 70 pictures. Easy to learn manual on Earned Value Method.
Innovative competence tree feature leading you through lessons step by step!
Statistics measuring your performance over time and by competences!
A unique educational application that provides all the knowledge about Earned Value Analysis needed to pass the exam on project management IPMA level C and D, PMP, and PRINCE 2 and allows you to test it.

Submit Words Submit Words v1.0

Submit Words is your versatile utility to quickly learn new words. Study a language or learn medical terminology, this app is perfect for you. Add words and definitions as you learn them and refer back to them at any time. A quick and easy set of flashcards that make memorization fun and is convenient for on-the-go study.

ELearning Flash Cards. Free! ELearning Flash Cards. Free! v7.7

Never buy flashcards again! This app allows you to make a set of flashcards and view them in either a simple format or use them in a game. The app also allows you to add additional flash cards to the card sets that you have already made. Create unlimited cards, and group them by topics. Have fun with it!

Basics of Law of Torts Basics of Law of Torts v1.0

Always dread that one night before the Torts exam? Well, no more. This app has all the concepts on law of torts.

IT Officer Capsule IT Officer Capsule v1.0

IT Officer Capsule is an Information Technology(IT) Quiz game.

AltGran AltGran v1.06

Application that can interactively show you graph for any function.

O(n) O(n) v2

This application will help you work through your homework problems and learn data structures concepts.

ChiTest ChiTest v1.0.6

ONE OF A KIND! FULL STEP BY STEP ANALYSIS of Mendelian Chi square Goodness of Fit tests. Supports both Monohybrid and dihybrid crosses. AUTOMATICALLY pick out the correct ratio to consider. INTEGRATED Critical Values, so NO NEED OF CHI TABLES or tedious lookup. Supports MANUAL INPUT of critical values. More Features would be added over time if required.

IELTS Listening practice IELTS Listening practice v3.2

IELTS listening practice tests with calculator

PgMP QQ PgMP QQ v1.0

Approach PgMP prepared well!

A unique quiz helping test knowledge required on the PgMP level. It helps to prepare for the PgMP (Program Management Professional) credential. Over 50 questions about the Standard for Program Management.

Answer the questions as fast as possible to get maximum points. The longer you wait, however, you'll get more hints.

DTP (Digital Test Prep) DTP (Digital Test Prep) v1.0

A simple test prep app. The perfect accomplice for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP practice tests that are available. A perfect accomplice for any multiple choice practice test with an answer sheet include.

AssignGo AssignGo v1.2.1

Manage all your assignments and get notified before due date

Cheat Sheets Cheat Sheets v1.0

GRE Hit Parade GRE Hit Parade v1.0.3

An effective way to learn 200 most common words in the GRE test.

PolyAnalyser PolyAnalyser v1.1

The Polynomial Analyser App is used to solve typical algebra problems such as Polynomial Factoring, Expansion and simplification of Polynomials, finding Roots or Zeros of Polynomials