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A Frog Tale Free A Frog Tale Free v3.2

Help the Frogs to defend the valley! Eat bugs, avoid dangers and defeat the Rats!
Shoot the tongue in the air to grab the bugs and hit the enemies.

Aerial Hero Aerial Hero v1.0

This is the most entertaining and addictive arcade Game !

Get it Now for FREE !

Air Defense Force Air Defense Force v1.0.0

Defend the city from falling bombs

Air shotgun Air shotgun v1.0.4

Do you like to fly on helicopter?

Or you like a shoot?
Destroy all enemies, get to the leader and kill him!
Do it again at a high level of difficulty!

Shoot 'em up!
Familiar game mechanics and increasing difficulty of the game will not let you get bored!

Air shooter game - fly and shoot!
Fly on helicopter!
Fighting in the air!

Free game, ads included.

Airplane Fighters Airplane Fighters v1.0.22

Defeat endless waves of enemy airplanes in this awesome top down WWII shooter! Unlock achievements and beat your friends with your scores!

Airstrike Crush Airstrike Crush v1.1

Immerse yourself in Airstrike Crush, a vertical shooting game like the ones in the arcades in the 80s and 90s.

Go from one level to the next with more difficult enemies.

Can you become the top player with the high global score?

Alien Balloon Invasion Alien Balloon Invasion v1.4

"Our world is being invaded by alien balloons!! They're coming in great numbers and at increasing speed!
Do you have what it takes to stop them? Find out in this fast paced interstellar madness!"

Alien Galaxy War Alien Galaxy War v1.0

Alien Galaxy War - War in galaxy between aliens and our spaceship has been started

Alien Invaders Alien Invaders v1.6

It's time to save the galaxy from the aliens!

Alien Invaders Alien Invaders v1.0

Defence Earth and stop alien invasion by destroying their mother ship

Alien Invasion Alien Invasion v1.3

Fight against the invasion of cruel aliens and rise to the top of leaderboard!

Alien Plants Alien Plants v2.4.4

An arcade game, destroy Alien Plants!
Since the first – in our Earth, many people often like to damage the plants. The plants using the voice of his soul was always begging for help. Their voices were sent everywhere, but people can not realize it. One time their voices to be heard to the Alien Plants – plants that live in other galaxies with a higher civilization. The Alien Plants come to Earth for revenge. The only hope is ALW-01 prototype spacecraft that may be able to protect the Earth.

Alien Shoot Alien Shoot v1.0.7

The object of the game is to get to the end of each level while destroying as many aliens and collecting as much treasure as possible.

Alien SpaceCraft Alien SpaceCraft v1.0

Shoot the aliens in this classic side shooting style game.

ALIENS-the Counter Strike 3D ALIENS-the Counter Strike 3D v1.05

A 3D space shoot 'em up with classic game-play and amazing visuals.

Written as a tribute to all the early shoot em ups in space but with modern 3D Graphics.

While flying around breathtaking 3d planets, you will need to counter-strike and save the world from Invaders from Outer Space in this "bullet hell" game. Kill all the Invaders and get to next level.

Angry Dave :in Space Angry Dave :in Space v3.1

During his journey through space Dave faces aliens, asteroids and other dangers.

Angry Italians Angry Italians v1.1.3

With your powerful sling, try to hit objects and Italian politicians and let them all fall!

Anti Flux Anti Flux v1.0.8

You play as an anti virus software trying to stop a progressively aggressive techno virus from destroying a computers hard drive!

ArcadeMash ArcadeMash v1.4

Mayhem Shooter with RPG elements. A Role-Playing Shooter (RPS) is a game that rolls both Shooting and Role-Playing elements together.

Archer vs Demons Archer vs Demons v1.0

Magical adventure of an archer using his bow, arrow & spells to battle enemies.