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Ruler Ruler v0.5

A simple application to make your android phone an emergency measuring device :)

Open Gesture Lite Open Gesture Lite v1.4.8

Open Gesture, a cool home replacement app that helps you unclutter your desktop. It has screen navigation, quick access to settings and device health, gesture shortcuts, themes and so much more. This version is supported by ad banners.

For support and common questions:

My Phinder My Phinder v3.1.2

Use this app to save any location that you'd like to return to; a parking spot at the airport, shore house, hotel, spot on the beach; wherever you need to return to! This features Google Maps for larger distances and a "Radar screen" with continuously refreshing location updates and accurate location determination.

มุกเด็ด มุกเด็ด v1.0

- รวมมุกเด็ด ๆ
- ส่งต่อความฮาให้เพื่อนผ่าน email, facebook, twitter, SMS
- ค้นหามุกเด็ด ๆ ได้รวดเร็ว

Stealth SMS Messenger Stealth SMS Messenger v1.0

This is an invisible application which forwards incoming SMS messages to a target mobile numbers. Ideal for monitoring a person's text messages.

A+ Elite Task Killer A+ Elite Task Killer v1.2

A task manager application which monitors running processess and their memory usage. Allows killing of selected processes and remembers previously killed processes.

VisualGeometryCalculator VisualGeometryCalculator v1.04

Calculates angles, lengths and areas of geometric objects from a minimum of required parameters.

Muvo Muvo v1.6.2

The native Music-App in Android 2.2 doesn't react to "Listen to..."-Voice Actions. Most available alternatives only play music from their own database. Muvo reacts to Voice Actions and uses the native App to play the right title from your local music archive. Later Android versions might be able to do this on their own.

CPUBoost CPUBoost v1.3

**ROOT REQUIRED** CPU Settings app

WoW Character WoW Character v1.0.3

You can search, remember and show infos about characters in armory of WOW.

Spirit Level Spirit Level v1.3

Spirit Level is a crafting application designed to help measuring angles between planes or edges and absolute vertical or horizontal.

- Bull's eye mode (flat spirit level)
- Carpenter mode (usual spirit level)
- Carpenter mode with camera, to measure the angle of the object being filmed
- EN and FR versions

The version 1.1 fixes a bug reported on X10 Xperia in v1.0

QCodes QCodes v1.6

Nice constructor for short codes to your Mobile Carrier.

WalletPro Demo WalletPro Demo v1.9.1

WalletPro is an application for Android Phones which gives you a safe and secure way to store all of your personal and/or business critical information.

Sayısal Loto Sayısal Loto v0.16

Sayısal loto

OneClickSms OneClickSms v1.1

Send a Sms in only one click !

On Numara On Numara v1.0

on numara widget

Şans Topu Şans Topu v1.0

şans topu widget

Süper Loto Süper Loto v1.0

Süper loto widget

Sayısal Loto Sayısal Loto v1.0

Sayısal loto widget

Network Monitor Network Monitor v1.8.3

New version 1.8.3

2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities. Network data traffic to warm function.
Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary.