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What Would The Devil Say? What Would The Devil Say? v1.0

Ever wondered about that voice in your head. No, not the one that tells you to do good... the other one. The one you don't like to tell people about.. Yeah.. That's right... You know what I'm talking about. Download WWDS to decode what messages are pure and what messages well, are just downright evil. funny games, quotes, comedy, free apps

Tibetian Heart Sutra Tibetian Heart Sutra v1.3

The Heart Sutra as recited by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

It is one of the most well-known Buddhist scriptures. Although it is short, it is rich in meaning, encapsulating the essential concepts of Buddhist beliefs or philosophies.

Listen and meditate in peace.

DateMe Preview DateMe Preview v6.9

Date Me! uses GPS to determine your exact location and instantly connect you with people in your immediate vicinity.

Whether you're just looking for a chat, quick flirt, just broke up, couple meeting other couples or something more, find hot guys and girls on Date Me!

Draw And Act Draw And Act v1.0

Can you act or draw the prompt? Race your friends in teams to see who is faster at drawing and acting out the hasd prompts. Great for charades or a party game with your friends. questions, question, words, charade, acting, actor actors, draws, free apps

Da Question Party Game Da Question Party Game v1.0

This app contains funny and weird things for you and your friends to do. Just tap to start and you can get another crazy thing. Enjoy quiz test games for weekend party nights with your friend or family. quizzes, show, gameshow, fun, free

Music Game Music Game v1.0

Are you learning an instrument? Do you wish to learn music theory in a fun free game way instead of getting bored to death? You have made the right move! Let's play and have fun, all while your level of knowledge of musical notes and song beats becomes increasingly higher! Perfect for kids and children. Enjoy! musics, games, trivia, piano, songs

Charades Game Charades Game v1.0

A job, movie, person or thing will come up on the screen and you have to act it out. Once a friend has guessed what it said on the screen. He will take a turn and get a new object or person. For example, try acting out birthday cake or elvis? Madonna or Glee? How about acting out The Beatles or Katy Perry? How would you do it? free apps, social, lifestyle, questions, content, game, games

Crazy Cocktails Crazy Cocktails v1.0

Easy to prepare recipes. Create beautiful tails with this easy recipe app. You and your friends will feel like your on a tropical holiday with these easy to prepare tails. Yum Yum! Sample: lychee Martini Vodka peach snapps white cranberry juice lychee juice Read this ebook and share with your friends or family on your next holiday or break. Recommend to your friends if you like it.

Questions To Ponder Questions To Ponder v1.0

If you ever wondered about the simplest of things in life this fun app will keep you entertained with interesting questions. questions, question, words, advice, tips, sayings, free apps

Try This Try This v1.0

Play a game with your friends where you have to act out movies, tv shows, fun music songs and more. It's perfect for a fun games night with your friends or family. free app, games, apps, app, entertainment, lifestyle

Color Index Color Index v1.2

Do you know how many colors in the world? How many colors can you identify?
Your best color indicator.
Use this to adjust the color, or as a reference. It is very useful for a artist designer.

Cricket Reloaded Cricket Reloaded v1.1

Missed your favorite cricketing action live? Now watch the clips on your Android phone with the latest Cricketing app on AppStore.
Cricket Reloaded is an android app containing collections of all sorts of cricket clips and videos. Your search for cricket clips on YouTube is simplified with Cricket Reloaded Application on you phone.

Team Charades Team Charades v1.0

Who has ever heard of the game charades? Well take turns passing your device around and get the rest of the team to guess what your doing. Great for kids, adults and seniors to play for a family game night free app, games, apps, app, entertainment, lifestyle

Knowledge Master Knowledge Master v1.0

Test your knowledge with questions from a wide array of categories. You can challenge yout friends, family or yourself. It is a very fun app with hard and easy questions. Example: What person played James Bond in the movie 'From Russia with love'? Sport: Who won the football World Championship in year 1998?

Animals Animals v1.0

Make you friends blow their minds out trying to guess what animal your acting out! With 50 random animals! Includes things like badger and beaver and Alligators. Enjoy a fun game with other friends on your weekly game nights. Challenge each other to try and score more. free apps, social, lifestyle, questions, content, game, games

Truths Or Dares Truths Or Dares v1.0

I dare you to download this app. This version of Truth or Dare is awesome. To play, open the app and ask someone truth or dare. View until you get a truth/dare option that you like. Just how good are you with games? Play with each other and have fun together. truths, dares, free app, games, entertainment, lifestyle

Champion Questions Hd Champion Questions Hd v1.0

Find out how much you know about champions league? Includes things like has chelsea won the champions league and how many times has Barcelona won champions league? Take this fun game to work, school, or try it on the bus and meet new people by playing each other. Can you earn more points? free apps, social, lifestyle, questions, content, game, games

InHandDeals InHandDeals v1.3.1

In Hand Deals is an easy to use mobile app that provides you with the most effective way to find out what deals are available in different categories or around your location; such as restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, retail stores, automotive, fuel, day spas, beauty salons, theaters and nightclubs.

Marvel The Mania Marvel The Mania v1.0

Test your superhero comic skills with these charades, questions, and other stuff! Includes things like the Fantastic Four: Act out a scene from the movie: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Incredible Hulk: Act out how Bruce Banner became the Hulk. Take this fun game to school and play with your comic loving friends. animation, charade, games, free entertainment app, hot game

Outer Darkness News Outer Darkness News v1.0

Get the latest news about space flight and space.