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The Basketball Expatriate The Basketball Expatriate v1.0

When is a story about a basketball player not even about basketball?

The Boy Who Said No The Boy Who Said No v1.0

The Boy Who Said No is first and foremost a story of people and their travails.

The China Card The China Card v1.0

In this far-seeing novel, the nations of the near future come to 1984?

The Digital Dream The Digital Dream v1.0

The Time?The future. Hours, days, weeks, months. A couple of years, maybe. The Place?

The Gaudy Place The Gaudy Place v1.0

Violence and sex in a small Southern city. Arkie, Clemmie, Oxie, and Johns are linked by a schoolboy.

The Second Oswald The Second Oswald v1.0

Who killed Kennedy? Many keen minds have their doubts about the findings of the Warren Commission.

The Shasta Gate The Shasta Gate v1.0

Mythic in scale though decidedly contemporary in tone, The Shasta Gate has all the ingredients.

Diggers: Discovering Artifacts from Two World Wars Diggers: Discovering Artifacts from Two World Wars v1.0

The snake, half a meter long, was twisted around the handle of the pail.

The Spymaster The Spymaster v1.0

With this novel, the author of Inquest and Executive Action has managed fiction-created-from-fact.


Booney Dugan is fresh out of jail and looking to start over.

Throne of Straw Throne of Straw v1.0

Throne of Straw has been performed in: Los Angeles at UCLA's MacGowan Hall, the Odyssey Theater.

Tomorrow Finally Came: Experiences as an Agricultural Advisor in Post-Communist Poland Tomorrow Finally Came: Experiences as an Agricultural Advisor in Post-Communist Poland v1.0

A review from the PENN STATER, Sept./Oct. 1997: ". . .Braund's descriptions of his agricultural mission will interest some readers.

Way of Escape Way of Escape v1.0

The secret Society for Emigrant Women runs an international rescue operation for runaway women.

White Trash White Trash v1.0

Don't Try and Sell Me No Pink Flamingos: From the forward by George Garrett York Harbor.

Writing Fiction and Poetry: Essays by North Carolina Writers Writing Fiction and Poetry: Essays by North Carolina Writers v1.0

Our meddling intellect misshapes the beauteous forms of things; we murder to dissect.

Network Discovery Network Discovery v0.3.4

Machines discovery and port scanner for wifi networks. (DONATE VERSION)

DroidMart DroidMart v1.7.2_9

DroidMart is a most complete solution for you business, manage your Sales, Inventory, Customers, Providers and get comfortable reports for you activity. used in mini marts and minor sales. No require internet connection. With this version you guarantee support, new requeriments and new features . All without ads.
Available in english, spanish and others languages.

BeyondPod Unlock Key BeyondPod Unlock Key v1.0.0

This is ONLY the Unlock Key for unlocking BeyondPod podcatcher and RSS feed reader.

Once you purchase and install this key, your existing BeyondPod application will be permanently unlocked and run with all features enabled.

SlideScreen Pro SlideScreen Pro v1.26

A complete home replacement focused on your information.

Shows summary information for SMS, GMail, Phone calls, Calendar, Google Reader, Stocks, Twitter and Facebook.

See for more details!

Speech Alert Legacy Speech Alert Legacy v7.0

This version is for firmware 1.6!

Ever wanted to hear Caller ID or SMS messages on top of ringtones when your hands are full?

SMS / Caller ID Speech Alert is the ultimate voice notification app for G1 Mytouch Hero & Eris! Support Google Voice & Handcent!

For G1 MyTouch Hero Eris
Handcent Compatible
Custom voice / SMS
SMS Privacy